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Weekly information bulletin
No. 46 (June 1946)

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Home.-Kof Control Council and Oter 'Groups Plan'ning Reich's Future
Example of Allied Efforts to Extend War Unity into Occupation Period.
By Thomas A. Falco.
At first glance, lit looks like any one
of :a number of office buildings taken
over by American troops- -in the occu-
Vation'nof Berlin. But instead *of just the
Stars .a~nd Stripes, the flags of three
other Vied nations fly ftCam the white
flagpoles that stand befor0ithe main en-
trance 'and tower above We lawn and
beech trees of adjacent Kleist Park.
Built. 'n 1914, this four;4ory building
formerly housed the Kammergericht, high-
est court of Prussia. Ia. one its 550
rooms,- back in July 1944, Hitler set
up his- \Jo~lksgericht, or Psopl'e's Court,
to try.. some 60 person*.- 'accused  of
plotting against his life. 'Now, in the
very spine room, ranking 0presentatives
of the four occupying powers - France,
Great Britain, Soviet Rusi'a, the United
States.,  meet regularly,'-'to make the
decisi's that are shapin# the Germany
of tody and the Germany of tomorrow.
It   . the Allied Conzol Authority
Building, 'a striking symbi   of the ability
of the ,Four Powers to Work together
in peace as well as in wart
H'erd the commanding Gnerals of the
four zones of occupation' (Allied Con-
trol l uncil) meet three Emes a month
to make final decisions boncerning the
'occupa'"ion of Germany. Ore, their four
deputi e (Coordinating Ctmittee) meet
at least seven times a mdath. Here, also,
hundreds of civilian and tilitary person-
nel fr'inGreat Britain, France, SovietRus-
Wa, and the United States meet daily.
They comprise the members and workers
of the twelve Control Staff Directorates:
military; naval; air; transport; political;
qcoanomics; finance:;>:-: reparations; deliv-
eries and restitutions; legal; prisoner of
war and displaced persons; manpower;
d internal affairs. and communications.
' Each of the directorates operates com-
pletely on, a quadiartite basis, taking
«e various problems connected with the
'Iccupation of Germany and trying to
Pettle them in termsn'of the basic policies
Wareed to, by the .governments of the
tour Powers. Every directorate sched-
ules three to four Im'ieetings a month, but
the actual number varies with the job
'at hand. In Februar, when the postwar
level of German industry was being thrash-
ted out, the Econooics Directorate met
eight times and onei of the meetings ran
fom 11 'a. m. one dy through to 4 a. m.
the next.
Considering all ,quadripartite groups
directorates, committees, subcommit-
ies, working partiel - an average of 15
meetings are held Xi the ACA Building
'Overy day. In spite' .of the diverse politi-
al, economic, and iocial background rep-
.*sented, these mie"ings pay off in the
4Porm of several quWripartite agreements
What the ACA, 'Building looks like
Aoday is a far cryi Jrom what it looked
like in June 1945, Zen the SecondArm-
Pred ("Hell on Wvqueels") Division roll-

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