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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of six demoiselles of Numidia,   pp. 205-202 [212] ff.

Page 208

o0.                   The Anatomical Defcription
It was failened tothe right Lobe by its Neck, the refl being loo1e and pen-
dent. The DucluJ Cyflicus proceeded near the Neck, and was joyned to the
)ejunun being a line in thicknefs, and four inches four lines in length 
Hepaticus came out of the Liver lower than the Gall-Bladder, and was but
two inches long: it was inferted near the CL'Iicius.
  The Spleen was of a Subilance very like to that of the Liver, fIeming to
be compofed of Lobes and Glands, and being Scirrhous. Its Figure relenm-
bled that of the Kidneys of Terreitrial Animals, the Splenatick Vef fels
through its gibbous part, after the fame manner as the Emndgerts do enter
into the Kidneys. It was fIated above the left Kidney, and between the two
Lobes of the Liver, fo that it appeared to be a third Lobe. It was united
to the fecond Ventricle by the means of a Membrane that held the Splenatick
  At the bottom of the Ocjlfpbagms, wlhere it began to dilate, there were
two Glands, three lines loig,of an oval Figure,red,and with a Cavity in their
middle: They were faftned to fome branches of the Nerves of the fixth pair.
The Oefophagus was dilated towards the bottom, to make a Craw about fifteen
lines Diameter, and fix inches long. Its lower part, which was two inches
long, was of a fubfrance different from the fuperiour, its external Membrane
being thicker and more flefhie, and having between this and the internal
Membrane feveral little Glands regularly.ranged one by the other, as they
are feen in feveral Birds, and- as it is described and Figured in the Bujiard.
   The Gizzard meafured two inches and a half ialengthand two in breadth.
It was very like to that of a Hen, having a thick and hard .Flef. It was
rent therefrom in its interiour Membrane, which was yellow, hard, and al-
moft all feparated from the flefbie part. This Membrane being dried did
break like Glafs, as it did in the Indian Cock.- In one of our Subjeds there
was found in the Gizzard, feveral Stones, which feemed to be worn by their
mutual rubbing.
   The Inteftines were fix foot long, and two lines broad. Their Coats were
extraordinary thin. Each CLecurn meafured fix inches in length. The Reinum
was-dilated towards its extremity, where it had a very ample Cavity, into
which the t'reters with the Vafa Spermatica Deferenti. opened, in the Male
in the Females, the Vreters with the Paffage called Oviductms, which is their
Matrix, had likewife their Mouth in this place.
   Thlere were two Pancreas's of unequal length, the right being five inches
and the left four. They were faftened to the Ale/entery, which afforded them
flore of very vifible Veffels. Their Subftance was loft, and fo light, that
tthe two together weighed but one Drachme. The Ductus Pancreatici Froceed.
ed from  their upper part. The right Dtus was ten lines; the lelt but
eight. Altho they were inferted in two different places, their mouths were
the infide very near each other, and adjoyning to the mouth of the Ductus
larli, they were clofed again with the fame Caruncle as ufually.
   fhie Tefilicles meafured fix lines in length and four in breadth : they
 inimediately connelcd to the Trunck of the A=4 rt and Cava, being feated
 towards the upper part of the Ikidneys. They had an Epididymis loofe from
 the Testicle, whlich hung by one end. It was five lines long, of a green
 lour, the Teflicic bking of a whitifhi-vellow. Thle Ductms Dejfcrens proceeded

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