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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of two sapajous and two other monkeys,   pp. 157-164 ff.

Page 161

    of two SAP Ai OUS and two oherM ONIEYS.                       i6i
  Arijiotle fays, that the generative Parts of the Ape do refemble thoffe
the Dog. In our Subjeds we found that they were different therefrom, as
well as from thofe of Man ; for in the Males, the Penis had no Bones, as
has in the Dog; and the I'eiicles, which in forne of our Subjeas were hid
in the Groyn, WithOalt any S-rotum, as has been fay'd, had a very particular
Figure, being long and firait, and but one line in breadth and eight in length.
In one of the Sapajous they were found of a Figure quite contrary, and al-
moft as remote from the Figure of thofe of Man, being perfe~tly rotund; they
were fhut up in a Scrotum, which joyned them clofe up to the root of the
vis. The -landulous Projeatx were fmall ; thle Paraflatx Cyrfoidcs were in
quital very large; they contained an Inch in length ; thenr breadth was un-
equal, being four Lines towards the Ncc ( of the Bladder, and a Line and
half at the other end, differing herein from thofe of M/an, who has themln
flendereft near the Neck of the Bladder. They were compofcd of fl-veral
little baggs, which opened into one another: the Caruticle of the urethjrA
was fmall, but very like to that of Man.
  The generative Parts of the Female had alfo a great many things which
rendered them different from thofe of Bitches, herein ref~mbling thofe of
Women; there were fome of them likewife which were as in Bitches, and af-
ter another manner than in Wcman ; for the exteriour Orifice was round and
ftrait, as in Bitches, and the generality of other Brutes, and had neither
phe nor Caruncule. The Neck of the Bladder had its hole otherwife than in
Woman, being very far in the Neck of the MAftrix, viz. towards the middle,
the place where its roughnefs began, which were feen only towards the ex-
tremitie of the Duatus near the Internal Oriface. The Truncks of the Ma-
trix were alfo different from thofe of Women, and ref imbling thofe of Brutes
in that they were proportionably longer, and more redoubled by various
turnings. The Clitoris had fomthing more conformable to that which is
feen in other Brutes that have it, than in that of WVomen, being proportion-
ably greater, and more vifibic than it is in Women. It was compofed oftwo
NervousandSpongiousLigaments,wlhich proceedit,-firom  the lower part
of the Os Pubis, and obliquely advanceing to the fides of thefe Bones, did
unite to forme a third Body, which was ten lines in length. It was form-
ed by uniting of the two firit, which a very ftrong Membrane joyned to-
gether, going from one of the Ligaments to the other, befides a hai d and
Nervous Membrane which inveloped them. They terminated at a Giand
like to that of the Penis of the Male. The little Mufcles, which were fatit-
ed to thefe Ligaments, proceeded as ufual from the tuberofities of tile Ifchi-
am. Thefe Ligaments were of Subliance fo thin and Spongious, that the
wind penitrated, and made them eafily to fwell, when blown into the Net-
work of the Veins and Arteries which is in this place. This Network was
vifible in this Subjedt, being compofed of larger Veffells than they propor-
tionably are in Women. It was fituated as uftally under the fecond pair
of Mufcles of the Clitoris. Its Figure was Pyramidal, ending from a very
large Bajis in a point, which run along the third Ligament to its extremity
towards the Gland

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