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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of two sapajous and two other monkeys,   pp. 157-164 ff.

Page 158

, Sa                       vThe Anatomical Deljriprzon
which thefe Animals ufed to put what they would keelp. 3. That the Teeth
were very white,and like Man's, except the Canini, which were very long in
the upper jaw, and very fIrait-in the lower Jaw, being witlhout Point and
differing from the Incifores, only in their being ftraiter and longer. A.
the Fcet were almofl like the Hands, as they generally are in other Brutes,
the Toes of the Feet being as long as thofe of the Hands; which is not in
Maii, whofe Toes are two thirds (horter than his Fingers. The Feet of
our Apes did indeed more refemble thid Haids of Man the n their own, by rea-
lon of the conformation of the great Toe, which refrembled a Thumb, being
loqpf Oender, tidi, 4 great way pavted from r the firft linger; whereas in
Hand ,or PaW, thd Thun'h. -wri b fhorty,6 and fIZofJ to the firit Finger,
that it feemed almoft ufelefs. 5. That the Parts of generation in three of
Subjeds, which were Males, were different from thofe of Man, there being
n1o Scrotum intwo of thefe Subjedsand the Tefticles not appearing by reafon
that they w i  hid in thefold oftthe Groyne._ It is true that the thirds
which wasone. of dIhe&apajbus had aScoturn, but .tt was fo fhrunk, that
did not appear . 6. That the Skin fluck clofe on the Buttocks.
  The three Males differed only in Colour of their Hair. The fourth Sub-
jeEt, which was a Female 'was of tihe 'nocephali kind;  t having a flat Facz
like the others2 but a Nofe fomewhat long like little BoloniDg s. Yet its
lnig'Tail did anake it tobe of the Cercopitheci kind like the others, whofe
fBenies amo fl the Actients were taken from the Colour of the Hair; the
C64ritheci fhply call&d, being thdey which have bt one Colour; and thofi
which have feveral being called Cepi, that is to fay Gardens, by realdn of
diverfity of Colours wherewith they feem to be flowered and Imbroidered,
2sj Tian reports P asgorAs to have fayd. -
  The fir1k qf pu  4pe's was of Xte firft Species of tfre Cercopitheci, being
of one Colour,'wI. of a, edfomewhatinclining to aGJ.CI . hIis colour
which was predoxinant, was only a little darker on, uiC ILclk, and lighter
&the Breall and Belly.
  ;T he ~Icond was of the fecond Species, becaufe that berides the Grccnifli-
.Rd/colour of the Hair which covered the Back, the Hair which adorned tlic
Belly}. Breaft, and infide of the Thighls and Arms wasGray.
  Thhe third and Fourth were likewile& more diverfified with Colours:
$peScis is callqd .Sapajou. Thefe two Subjeds were different, not only in
colour and the various fliape of their Spots, but alfo in the Forme of their
NoX, which was long in the one, and flat in the other. The firft, which
was 4. Male, was white on the Belly, Stomach, Throat, on the infide of the
Armes and Thighs, and on the Buttocks. All the Back from the Onoplat*
to the Tail, was of a dark-Red. The Flanks, the outfide of the Armes and
Thighs, the Leggs and Crown of the Head were Black, and every black Hair
bad alpf little Red and White Spots, there being two Red Spots towards the
cnd,axid the half towards the root being white. Onrlthe Chin there was awhite
icked ~Beard, an, inch long. The Hair oil the Back was an inch in length;
abou the Noqk all inch and a hialfe it w~as in this place more Staring than
il the rell of the Body, and made as it were a Ruffe. The Brow  had a
White, lit, Ipn which a row of Black Hair was elevated like Eye-Brow&
The Iris in the Eyes was of a Redifh Yellow. The Pupilia was very large.
                  .-,, . - S j ... .. S . ~The

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