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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of a barbary cow,   pp. 127-130 ff.

Page 127

               a  ~~~~~~~~~~~17
                             T H E
                                OF A
   His Animal was about the fize of a Cov. Its Hair was of a Fox-red
JT paler towards the point than the root. It was a little fhorter than
it commonly is in Cows, and almoIt of the fame bignefs towards the point
the root: which is contrary to the Hair of Animals, which is moft frequently
bigger towards the root than towards the other end. Yet we have before re-
marqued an irregularity oppofite to this in the Hair of an Elk, which was
great deal fmaller towards the root than towards the middle.
  The difpofition of the Body, Legs) and Neck made it better to refemble
Stag than a Cow, of which it had only the Hornes, which were in a great ma-
ny things different from thofe of Comvs. They were each of them a root long,
and took their rife very near one another, by reafon the Head was in this
part exceeding narrow. They were very thick, bent backward, black,
wreathed like a Screw, and worn before and at top, fo that the raifed parts
which formed the Screw, were there wholly effaced.  The Tail was larger
at its beginning than towards its end, after the manner of all the cloven
ed Quadrapeds of Barbary which we have Diffeaed. It exceeded not thirteen
Inches in length comprehending a tuft of black hair three inches long, which
it had at its extremity. The Ears were feated not at top of the Temples,
underneath the Horns as in Cowvs, but more backward: as for the reft they
were like to the Ears of the Gazella, being covered in the infide with a
Hair in fome places, the relt being bald, and difcovering a skin perfedtly
black and fniooth. The Eyes were fo high and fo near the'Horns, tiat the
Head feemed to have almolt no fore-head.
   The Teats were very little, very fhort, and only two in number: which
rendred them different from thofe of Cowvs. The Shoulders were very high,
making a bunch at the beginning of the Back. There was another bunch
oppofite to this of the Back, vim, at the bottom of the Sternum, like as
in the

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