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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. LII. Of the small silver-colour'd book-worm,   pp. 208-210

Page 209

               MICROG R A PH 1Ai
   Which,by the way,mav hint us the reafon -of that fo much admired aps
pearance of thofe fo highly cfteem'd bodies,; as alfo of the like in Motier
of Pearl-fbells, and in multitudes of other fhelly Sea-fubftances; for they
each of them confifting of an infinite number of very thin fhells or lia-
minated orbiculations, cautfe (ich multitudes oftrefledions, thatth c'om-
pofitions of them together wvith the retfeHions of others that are 16 thih
as to afford colours (of which I elfewhere give the reaion) gives a ve-
ry pleafant refiefion of light. And that this is the true cauefefeems likely,
firft, becaufe all thofk fo appearing bodies are compounded of mItitudes
of plated fiubftances. And next or dering any tra1iarent fib4bfnance
after this mannervthe like P/keolwena may hrc producd d this villbe m'ade
very obvious by the blowing of Glafs into( exceeding thin 1Irells, and
then breaking them into fcales,which any lamp-worker will prerently do;
for'a goodquantity of the~f6 fcales,laid 'in a heap togetherhave much the
fame refkniblance of Pearls. Another way, not le6 inftruative and plea-
fant, is j *vay which I have feveral times done, which is by working and
toffing,as twere, a par-cel of purc cr) flalline glaf's whilft it is kept
hot in the blown flame of a Lamp, for,by that meansthat purely tranfpa-
rent body will be fo divided into an infiniitc' n'imber of plates, or finall
firings, with interpos'd aerial plates andflbrcs, that from the multiplicity
of the refleftions from each of thofe internal furfaces, it may be drawn
out into curious Pearl-like or Silver wvire, 'which though fmall, 'will yet
be opacous'; the fame thing I have done w ith a compofition of red Colo-
plon and l                I:pe;tinc, and a little Bee's Wax, and may be done
withBirdlime, and fuch like glutinous and tranfparent bodies: But to re-
turn to our description.
  The fmall blunt head of this In(ted was fiirnifl'd on either fide of it
with a clufter of eyes, each of which feern'd to contain but a very few,
comparifon of what I had obferv'd the clufter s of other Infefts to abound
with ; each of thefe clutters were befet with a row bf fmall brifl]e, much
like the cilia or hairs on the eye-lids, and; perhavps,theferv'd for the
fime purpof&. It had two long horns before, which were ftreight, and
tapering towards the top, curioufll ring'd or knotbb'd and briflec much
like the Marfh Weed, call'd Horfe-tail, or'Cats tailj having at each knot
afring'd Girdleas I may fo call it of fmaller hairs, and feveral bi"ger
larger brilles,here and there difpers'd among them: befides the,iit had
two fhorter horns, or feelers, which were knotttd and fiingd, juff as the
former, but wanted brifles, and were bluntat th'; ends; tle.hinder'part
of the creature was terminated with three tails,' ib every particilx rr-
fembling the two longer horns that grew out of it e  '
itwerefcal'd and hair'd much like the reftIbut are not exprbWd'mthis
Figure, the Moth being intangled all in Glew, and fo tji 'leggs.;fthis
appear'd not through the Glafs which looked perpendiuly upon
the back.
   This Animal probably feeds upon the Paper and coittFB6o%, and
perforates in them feveral fMall round holes, finincing, pet hps, a conve-
nient nouriiment in thofe hufks of Hemp and Flax, which have' pafs'd
                                        F f                 through

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