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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. XXV. Of the stinging points and juice of nettles, and some other venomous plants,   pp. 142-147

Page 145

               MICROGRAPH1A.                                        145
were well confider'd,there might, befides the further inmproving of Bath-
i11g and Sytinging into the veins, be thought on leveral ways, whereby
feveral obftinate diftenimpers of a humane body,tuch as the GoutDropfie,
Stone, &c. might be mafler'd, and expell'd d and good men might make
as good a ufe of it, as evil men have niade a perverle and Diabolical.
   And that the filling of the pores of the fkin with fome fluid vehicle,
of no fmall cfficacy towards the prepariing a pafiage for feveral kinds of
penetrant juices, and other diilohlble bodies, to infinuate themfelves
within the ikin, and into the iftitive parts of the body, may be, I think,
prov d by an nfitance given us by Bel/oniis, in the 26. Chapter of the
fecond Look of his Objervations  which contaiing a very remarkable
Story I have here tranicrib'd : Cuirn Chkamleonits nigri radices (fays he)
apud Paguvr quendarw I-ivadcatorio nlfnclupatlmn crui curaremfrui-, plurirni
Grci "' 7urca> fpeciatumr venerunt quid erueremus, eas vero frujiulatiJfe-
cabardus, &filo trajiuzebarnus utifacilis exficcari pojient.  urcxe in
eo me-
gotio occupatos nos videntes, irn/iter eas radices tradare & Jecare volue-
runt: at cu/mt,  n finuw   ejet fJiAu, &  oimes fudore miaderent, quicunque
earn radicevn manibus trajlaverantdo /0Jremique ayiierferant, atit faciem
gitisfialpferant, tanitampruriginem iis lcks qil~l attigerant pojicafJenJeruint,
ut aduri viderentur. chama'lconis enim nigri radix ea virtute polhet. Yt
ti applicata ipjpm adeo infjammet, lit nec fqui/lx, nec nrticx uille centejima
parte ita adurent: At prurugo non adeo celeriterfeie prodit. Poji unam aut
teram porro horam, ringul: variis faciei locis cutem adeo iifdanrnmatan ha-
kere cepimus ut tota fanguinea videretur, atque quo ivagis cam confi-rcaba-
rnH ,tanto rna~is excitabatur prurigo. Font' ajJidebanmusfubplatanoatqte
tio pro ludicro habebamwi & ridebar4S : at tandem il'l pluirimirn indignati
funt, & nJiafeveraffiemw nunquam expertos tali virtute eam plantampollere,
haud dubie male nos multaf/ent. Attaamen nojira exciuJ-itio fuit ab illbs
WAT dccepta,cUa eodem inconmodo nos aft edos coniicerent. AMirumfjane quod
in tantib/o ridice tam ingentemvi effraciamn nojiro ma/o expertifumus.
  By which obfervation of his,it leems maniieft,that their being all cover'd
with fiweat who gather'd and cut this root of the black chameleon Thiftle,
was the great reafon why they fuffer'd that inconvenience, for it feems the
like circumftance had not been before that noted, nor do I find any men-
tion offuch a property belonging to this Vegetable in any of the Her-
bals I have at prefent by me.
   I could give very many Obfervations which I have made of this kind,
whereby I have found that the beft way to get a body to be infinuated
into the fubftance or infenfible pores of another, is hrft, to find a fluid
vehicle that has fome congruity,both to the body to be infinuated,and to
the body into whofe pores you would have the other convey'd. And ini
this Principle lies the great myftery of ftainirg feveral forts of bodies,
Marble, Woods, Bones, &c. and of Dying Silks, Cloaths, Wools, Fea-
thers, &-c. But thefe being digreffions, I Ihall proceed to:
Obferv. X X V 1. Of Cowageand the itching operation ofJilne bodies,
'  Here is a certain Down of a Plant,brought from the Vji- ,ndiescall'd
  commonly, though very impropcrly \Cotr-itth, the reafon of which
                                          X                  m7riffakc

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