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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

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YEA[37                                                     YEL
,U   5. Sbheat, 3;o 6. .6dar, 2.9 3 7. Veadar, in the Em-W  7he Civil or
Legal rear, in England, commences on the
boilimrnc Year, 301i ;8. .Nfanz  0  9. Ijar,2 ~; lo. Si van, Day of the Annunciation,
i. e. on the 2z sth day of l.Marchj
xx5  . ?"amuz, 29 s  2Jibo.A  so 5 I . .Elul, 29.  thol the Hiflorical
2ear begins on the Day of the Circurr-
SyriaU YE AR is a Solar Tear, having its beginning fixed cifion, i. e. the
firil of January, on which day the German
to the beginning of O8obver in the Juliax -rear 5 from which  and -1talian
Year ,alfo begins- Stost obferves, that
it only differs in the Names of the Months, the Quantities William the Conqueror,
having been crown'd on the firil of
being the fame;5 as follows:                          January, that thenceforth
became the firfi of the Tear for Hi-
I. - lijkrin, anfwering to our Oatober, and containing 31 ilorians, Wc Tho'
in all Civil Affairs they ietain'd the antient
Days; 52. Latter Trfl..irn, containing, like our Nlovember, manner of accounting,
which began with the2 5 th of March.
So;5 3. Cantin, 31 5 4. Latter Canun, 31 5 5. Shabat, 28 i See CIRcumcisioN,
6. Adar, 3' ; 7. Nifan, 30; 8. Aiyar, 31;5 9. Haziram,  The part of the Tear
between thofe Terms is ufually exc-
5o; 5 o. ZaJimz, 31 ; 5II. Ab, 31; II1. -Elul, 3;                       
12o4O:7 A        -   i~  h Con
Perflan YEAR, is a Solar 2ear of 365 Days, confifling of preffed both ways,
as '7   1I2.s  i   eteCn
twelve Months Of 30 Days each, with 5 Mujteraka, or In- queror, the King's
Patents, Charters, Proclamations, &,ec.
tercalary Days added at the end.                      are ufually dated by
the Tear of the King's Reign.
The Months are as follow: I. A4frudia meb ; a.. Ardi-  The Church, as to
her foletmn Service, begins the Tear
Lk4fcht meb; 5  Gardi meh;i 4. TAir Ineh  5. Merded meh i on the firft Sunday
in Advent, which is always that next
6. Schabarir meh; 5 7 Mehar mch ; 8. Abc: meh; 5 . A- St. Andrew's Day, or
the 3oth of November. See ADVE N T
dar meh; i    o. fDi meh;  xxI. B'ehen mebh 5   a. Affrer  The,7cws, as moi
other Nations of the Eaft, h-ad a Civil
mneh.                                                 2ear which commenced
with the new Moon in Se~ptember;5
This -rear is call'd the 2cezdegerdic Trear, to diflinguith it and an Ecclefiaflic
Tear, which commenced from the new
from the fixed Solar Trear, call'd the Gelalean Tear, which  Moon in March.
the Perfians began to ufe in the Tear 1079 ; and which wits  The French Pear,
during the Reigns of the .Merovingianz
formn'd by an Intercalation made fix or feven times in four Race, begin on
the Day wherein the Troops were review'd i
rears, and then once every fifth Tear.                which was~ the firft
day of March-Undcr the Carlo-
The Yezdegerdic rear, it may be obferved, is the fame  'vingians it began
on Chriflmas-day ; and under the Cape-
with Nabonaffar's Tear-As to the Gelalean rear, 'tis abfo- tiansj on Eafler-day
5 which, there fore,'varied between the
lutely the beli and juileft of all the Civil Tears yet invented, 2 zd of
.Alarch and the a 5th of Apil
as bingfoud b Cacultio tokeep the Solflices and Equi-  And this is flill
the beginning of their Ecclefiaflic .Tear-
noxs pecielyto he amedas, and anfwcring very accu- But for the Civil, Charle
IX. appointed in 1564, that for
ratly o te SlarMotons whch no other Civil rear does, the future it Ihould
commence on the firfi of January.
not ventheGreorin, or ant of fo commodious an In-  The .Mahomotans begin
their rear the Minute the Sun
tercalation.                                          enters Aries-The Perfians
in the Month anfwering to
Arabic and Titrkzil YEAlR, is at Lunar rear, confifling of our yne-~The Chinefe,
and noofl of the Indians, begin
twelve Months, which contain alternately, 30 and 19 Days.  it with the firfl
Moon in March-The !Bracbmans begin
Tho', formetimes it containsthirteen Months 5 theNatnes, it with the new
Moon inApril; on which day they hold
F~c. whereof are as follow : x. .Miharram, containing 30 a Feafi call'd Samwat
Saradi !Pauduga, q. d. Feaff of
Days; a . Saphar, 29 ; 3. Rabia, 30 5 4j. Latter Rabia, New-Year's Day-The
Mexicans, according to d'Acefta,
29; ~~~~~~. Jr omada, 2o..LterJraa  19  7. Rajab, begin the rear on our a3d
of February, when the Leae
Se03 8. Shasban, 29 ; 9. Samadan 305i IO- Shawmal, 295i begin to grow green.
Their T-ear confifis of I 8 Months of
I x. fDulkaadah, 30 o a ;   'Zl- ulheggia, 29 5  and in the 20 Days each:
which making 360 Days, the remaining five
Embolimic 2ear, 3o.-~An Intercalary Day is added      days are fpent in Mirth,
and no Bufinefsfuiffer'd to be done,
every ad, 5thi 7th, xoth, r 3th, z5th, x~th, 2iff, 24th, 26th, nor even any
Service at the Temples.-Alvarez relates
a9th, in a Cycle of 2,9 Trears.                       much the fame of the
Abyffinians 5 who begin their rear
.Ezhiopic YEARE, is a Solar 2ear perfecaly agreeing with  on the z6th of
Augufl, and have five idle Days at the end,
the Af5liac, ecp in this, that the Names of the Months which they call Pagomen.-At
Rome there are two ways
are diffrent-It commences with the Egyptian Tear, of computing the Year;5
the one beginning at the Nativity
on te z~h ofAugft of thle Julian rear.            of our Lord.-This the Notaries
ufe, dating ~Ntv:ae
Its Months are, I. M afraram; i   . Ylvkymt 5 3. Ilydar ; The other in March,
on occafion of the Incarn ation : And
4. Y'yjhas; 5 . 51yr  6. JYacatit 57 Magabi; ; 8. Mijazia 5 'tis by this
the Bulls are dated, Anno Incarnationis.-.-
9. Ginbat; i o. Sync 5 x . Hamle 5 x z. ifabafe.  !nterca- The Greeks begin
their Tear of the World from the firfi of
lary Days 5.                                          September.
MetoniC YEAR,              METoNiC rear.I YEARs arc alfo diflinguifhi'd with
regard to the Epo-
A/jfiaCYEAR.,            ) GREER Tear.              chi's whence they are
number'd: Thus, Tears of our
Attic YE AR,       >See    G R EE TC ear.           Lord, are thofe reckon'd
from the Birth of jefus, Chriff,
rezdegerdic YEAR,          PERSIAN Tear.            which are now 1727. Tears
of the World are thofe elapfed
Gelalean YEARE,    S      PERsI AN rear.            fince the Creation, which
Scaliger makes to be 5676.--
Nabonaffar's Y  AFL,       EGYPTIAN 2ear.          Trears of Rome, of the
Hegira of Nabonauffar, &c. See the
Sabbatic YEAR, Annus SABBATICUS, among the An- difference between thefle
Yearsunder the ArticleErochJA.
tnt, was every feventh Tear; during which, the Jews let  YEAR and fDay, in
Law, Wc. is a Time thatdetermines
thirLand lie at reff. See SABBATH.                    a Right in many Cafes,
and i's in fome an Ufucaption, and in
Every feventh Sabbatic Tear, i.e. every 49th Tear was others a Pre fcri ption.
call'd the Tear of Jubilee 5 and held with Solemnity extra-  Thus in the
Cafe of an Ettray, if the Owner, Proclama-
ordinary. See JUI3ILEE.                               tion being made, challenge
it not within that time, it is
Climaaleric YE A EL,          ICLIMACTERIC.         forfeit.
Tilatonic, or great YE AR,   See5 PLATONIC.           In like manner is the
Tear and TDay given in Cafes of
Y E AR ojt Id Hegi ra,          HEGIRA.             Appeal, of Defcent, after
Entry or Claim, of Non-claim
upon a Fine, or Writ of Right, of the death of a Man fore
New YEAR's DJay, or the Day wherein the Year corn- bruis'd or wounded;5 of
Protedfions, ElToins, in refpe&l of
mences, has always been very different, in different Nations, the King's
Service ; of a Wreck, V5c.
and yet in all held in great Veneration.                YEAR-day and Wafte,
is a part of the King's Prerogative,
Among the Romans, the firft and lifi Day were confecra- whereby he challenges
the Profits of the Lands and
ted to Janus 5 on which account it was, that they repre- Tenements of Perfons
attainted for Petit-Treafon, or Fe-
fented him with two Faces.                            lony for the Space
of a rear and a Day.
To them we owe the Ceremony of wilhing a happy new    Not only this, but
at the end thereof he may wafle the
rear 5 which appears to be very antient- Before the firfi Tenements, defiroy
the Houfes, root up the Woods, Gar-
day was fpennt, they not only vifited and complimented  dens, Paflure, and
plough up the Meadows, unlefs the
each other but alfo prefented Strene, and offer'd Vows to Lord of the Fee
agree with him for the, Redemption of
the Gods for the Prefervation of each other.-.lucian repre- fuch Wafte.
fenits it as a Praafice of a very antient flanding even in his  YEARN, in
Hunting, fignifies to bark, as Beagles pro-
Time; and refers it to Numa. See STRENJE, VOTA, Fi~'c.  perly do, at their
Ovid intimates the fame Ceremony in the beginning of  YELLOW, a bright Colour,
refleffing the moil Light
his Fafti:                                            of any, after White.
There are divers yellow Subflances that become white
fPOf eaxorurlguifque animifquefavete              upon wetting and drying
them again fevetal times at the
Nunc dicenda bono, fAnt bona verba die.         Sun : As Wax, Linnen-Cloth,
fceealfo HAIR, W'HITENING, WC-
And Pliny, more exprefly, Lib. XXViii. cap. T.!ri-       The fame Bodies,
if they be already white, and continue
mum anni in Icipientis diem  letis precationibus invicem  a long time in
the Air without being wetted;j turn yellow.
fauflum orninantur..                                                    

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