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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

Luther Burbank -- the sum of his work with plant life -- what it has meant to science and agriculture,   pp. [155]-[201] PDF (10.3 MB)

Page 182

ice age; so on mere geographical grounds the spe-
cific difference between the Siberian raspberry
and the California dewberry might be accepted
without further argument. But, quite aside from
this, differences between the two forms are suffi-
cient to give them independent specific rank in
the mind of any botanist.
The fact that one is classified as a blackberry
and the other as a raspberry will sufficiently estab-
lish their diversity in the mind of the layman.
Yet the report from Santa Rosa told of the
hybridizing of these diverse forms, and of the
production of a new fruit differing very markedly
from either parent, although retaining some of the
characteristics of each; and told further that this
new hybrid, far from being sterile, has such fer-
tility that it ripens its main crop of berries long
before most kinds of raspberries and blackberries
commence to bloom, and continues to bear more
or less berries all summer.
So the evidence that hybrid offspring of two
species may be fertile and may thus offer material
for the action of natural selection in the creation
of new species appeared doubly demonstrative.
It is probable, then, that the announcement of
the development of the Primus Berry would have
aroused no small measure of interest among prac-
tical plant breeders and theoretical students of

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