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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

[Luther Burbank -- the early years in Santa Rosa -- the period of bitter struggle],   pp. [60]-[105] PDF (10.9 MB)

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The second consignment from Japan, including
the plum, whose story has elsewhere been told in
detail, came Dec. 20, 1885. The place at Sebastopol
where they were to be planted and nurtured was
purchased eight days later. And with this pur-
chase the project of devoting a lifetime to the
work of plant experimentation was fairly and
finally inaugurated.  For the Sebastopol place,
with its eighteen acres, was not purchased for use
as a practical nursery, but solely as an experiment
With the development of the Sebastopol place,
a new phase of lifework began.
Thenceforward my tine was divided between
the experiment garden at Santa Rosa and that at
Sebastopol, and upon one place or the other all
my experiments in plant development were to be
An interest in the nursery business was re-
tained for two or three years more, to give money
to carry out the initial stages of the new experi-
ments; for of course it could not be expected that
new varieties of fruits and flowers would spring
into existence in a single season. Nor could in-
stant purchasers be found for them if they had
been thus magically produced. But from the time
when the place at Sebastopol was purchased, the
die was cast, and it was determined in future my

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