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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

[Getting the utmost variation out of a flower -- how the Chinese balloon-flower was trebled],   pp. [unnumbered]-38 PDF (6.9 MB)

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will combine in the superlative degree the quali-
ties of gracefulness of vine of one grandparent
with the satisfactory arrangement of flowers of
the second grandparent and the brilliant white-
ness of blossoms of the third grandparent.
It is then an obvious procedure to save the seed
of this individual, and while we must expect wide
variation among the plants grown from that seed,
there will almost certainly be some among them
that will reproduce the combined good qualities
of the parent, and further selection along precisely
the same line-what I sometimes speak of as "line
breeding"-will result in fixing of the type, so
that we shall have the variety, hitherto existing
only in our imagination, which we have all along
been seeking to produce.
Moreover, not alone shall we have produced a
type which combines all the best qualities of the
different members of the original balloon-flowers,
but our new race will almost certainly present
these characters in markedly accentuated form.
The perfected balloon-flower will be more grace-
ful in form than the most graceful one of the orig-
inal colony. It will have its blossoms much more
artistically grouped on the stalk than any balloon-
flower that has hitherto been seen, and the color
of these blossoms will be cleared and more bril-
liant than those of any individual member of the

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