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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of eight ostriches,   pp. 217-238 ff.

Page 228

22                 .   The Anatomical Defcription
Prxpucc, Duatus, nor Cavity, which might give paffage to any Seminal
Matter. In one of the Subjedls, befides the Membranes and Ligaments
which compofed the Penis, there was alfo a third Subifance, red, Spongi-
ous, and much refembling that of the Cavernous Ligaments of Terre/ r a-
Animals. It was garnilbed with a great quantity of Vcffels.
  In the Female, iniftead of the Penis, there was only the Cartilaginous
Swelling, which filled the fecond Pouch as in the Male ; and this Tumour
came out of the Anx about the bignefs of a fmall Nutt: It had a little Ap-
pendix about three Lines long, thin, and bent back. It is likely that this
the Clitoris.
  In this little and fecond Pouch, there was on the left fide a hole into
other Cavity, in manmer of a Paffage, which was the Oviduaus. This Hole
exceeded not four Lines in Diameter: It had wrinkles all round, after the
manner of the external Orifice of the Females of kQadraped's. In one of our
Subjedts the Tunicle of this Duaus were very thick, and its Cavity very
large near the entrance: In another it ras~ lets; and about five Inches be-
yond the entrance, it was contradted to Form another Palfage five Lines
long, hard and Nervous, which might pafs for the internal Orifice of the
Matrix. Underneath this Strait Paffage, there was a little Bag or Pouch,
not perforate, the depth of which was, equal to the length of the Paffage.
In the Subjetls where this (Irait Paffage was not found, the OvidmawZ con-
traded it felf, from its firif entrance fill as it approached the Ovarium;
that at its extremity it exceeded not four Lines in breadth, inftead of three
Inches and a half, which it had at its middle. In this extremity it formed
that Hole which is called the Infundibulum  or Tunnel of the Ovidmau, and
fent forth, on the right and left fide, two Membranous Appendices, which
had fome fimilitude with thofe that are at the extremity of the Tuba of Ter-
rcfrial Animals.
   This whole Paffage, which is properly the Matrix or Cornua Vteri of Birds,
 awas two Foot and a half long, and capable of receiving ones Fifi in its
 ef-t part. It was fldahy at the beginning, and became infenfibly Membra-
 nous towards its end. After having afeended, by turning on the left fide
 towards the Ventricle it was refleded towards the Back-bone, decending.
 A double Membrane, in form of a large Ligament, faftened it: It had
 an Edge the length of two Inches on each fide.. The hinder part of this
 Ligament was faftened along the Back-Bone, like a Mefentery: the Anteri-
 our was loofe. Both were intermixt with a great number of Veffels,
 which were in greater quantity on the Paffage of the Ovididul than in the
 Ligamcnt. Thefe Velels did come from two great Branches which entered
 through the extremity of the Ovidua*us, towards the Ovarium: the one
 went along the top, the other the bottom; and their Branches had fome
 AnaiRflom'fies with each other, viz. thofe of the lower part with thofe
 the upper.
   The whole Paifage of the Oviduaw was compofed of three Membranes.
 except the extremity, which makes the Infxndibxlun, which feem'd to be
 of a tingle Mlembrane. The Interiour of there Membranes was mightily
 wrinkled, or rather as it were leaved, after the manner of the third and
 fourth Ventricle of Animals that chew the Cud. Thefe Leaves, which filled

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