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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the second plate of the ostrich,   pp. 216 ff.

Page 216

   The Explication of the Second Plate of the       0 ST K IC H.
A. Is the Oefopliagus.
B. The Bottom of the Craw, which defcends underneath tle Gizzard.
C. The Gizzard.
D. The Du~tus Hepaticus.
E E. The Pancreas.
F. The Duflus Pancreaticus, wbofe Aperture into the Intefliine is marikd
G. A part of the Colon at large, which is garniJbed on the injide with Fillets
- marked i i i.
H H. The great Pouch which is at the 6ottom of the Return.
1- The Realum.
K. The Extremity of the Reaum, which forms a &Sw flivg  I the great Pouch.
k L. The Penis. Its Origen is, marked k: it is folded, to'wa rds t. uderweash,
  and lffers the part L to go through the Aperture of the little Pouch marked
,M M.
N N. The Ureters.
0 0. The Opening of the Ureters into the great Pouch.
P P. The two ll/cles of the Anus and Penis.
4 4. The two jecond Mu/les of the Anus and Penis.
3 2 -,. The border of the hole of thegret Pouch.
Q. The Liver.
R. The great Vena porta.
S. The Origine of the Dudus Hepaticus
T. The upper Vena Cava.
V. I lie little Vena Porta.
X. Th)e Aorta defcendens.
Y. T7e loxrer Vena Cava.
Z 1I, Z F. The Kidneys.
F F. Tlhe Ureters.
,x x. The Teficles.
~3. The Crural Arteries.
g a. The Crural Veins.
  ,. A part of the Colon in littlejoynedto the double Ccecumrfcrmedlike 4
  msrked S .
E £. The PaJfage or Matrix called Ovidudtus, in Birds.
t. The internal Orifice of the Matrix.
b. The Extremity of the Oviduclus, which makes the Infundibulirn or Tunnel.
4w {. The 'Iroad Li.ame,-tof the Matrix.
-. The Tefticle of thc Male.
T. The Vafia Spermatica Prxparantia.
t'. Tie Epididyrnis.
  7;)c Defercns.
T H k

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