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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. LIV. Of a louse,   pp. 211-213

Page 212

                MI C ROG RAP HIA.
two horns that grow before it, in the place where one would have
thought the eyes fmould be; each of thelf C C hath four joynts, which
are fringed, as 'twere, with fmall brifles, from which to the tip of its
fnout D, the head feenis very round and tapering, ending in a very
fharp nofe D, which feems to have a Small hole, and to be the paffige
through which he fucks the blood. Now whereas if it be plac'd on its
back, with its belly upwards, as it is in the 3 5. Sdheme', it feems in feve-
ral Pofitions to have a resemblance of chaps, or jaws, as is reprefented
in theFigurebyEE, yet in other poltures thofe dark ftrokesdif l ypear;
and having kept feveral of them in a box for two or three dayes, fo that
for all that time they had nothing to feed on, I fbund, uponl letting one
creep on my hand, that it immediately fell to fucking, and did neither
feem to thruft its nofe very deep into the ┬┤ikn, nor to open any kind
mouth, but I could plainly perceive a Imall current of blood, which
came direftly from its fnout, and paft into its blly ; and about A there
feem'd a contrivance, fomewhat resembling a Pump, pair of Bellows, or
Heart, for by a very fwift rijole and diatoIe the blood feem'd drawn
from the nofe, and forced into the body. It did not feem at allthough
I viewed it a good while as it was fucking, to thruft more of its nofe in-
to the [kin then the very fhout D, nor did it caufe the leaft difcernable
pain, and yet the blood feem'd to run through its head very quick and
Freely, fo that it feems there is no part of the fkin but the blood is di-
fpers'd into, nay, even into the cuticula ; for ha d it thruft its whole
in from D to C C, it would not have amounted to the fuppofed thick-
nefs of that tegyment,the length of the nofe being not more then a three
hundredth part of an inch. It has lIx legs, covered with a very tranfpa-
rent fhell , and joynted exactly like a Crab's, or Lobffer's ; each leg is
divided into fix parts by thefe joynts, and thofe have here and there
feveral fmall hairs; and at the end of each leg it has two claws, very
properly adapted for its peculiar ufe, being thereby inabled to walk
very fecurely both on the fkin and hair; and indeed this contrivance of
the feet is very curious, and could not be made more commodiously and
compendiously, for performing both thefe requifite motions, of walking
and climbing up the hair of a mans head, then it is: for. by having the
lefer claw (a) fet fo much fliort of the bigger (b) when it walks on
the fkin the fhorter touches not, and then the feet are the fame with
thofe of a Mite, and feveral other fmall Infets, but by means of the
fmall joynts of the longer claw it can bend it round, and fo with both
claws take hold of a hair, in the manner represented in the Figure, the
long tranfparent Cylinder F F F, being a Man's hair held by it.
  The Thorax feem'd cas'd with another kind of fubtiance then the bel-
ly, namely, with a thin tranfparent horny fubfiance, which upon the
fafting of the Creature did not grow flaccid; through this I could plain-
ly fee the blood, fuck'd from my hands to be varioully diftributed,' and
mov'd to and fro; and about G there feem'd a pretty big white fub-
fiance, which feem'd to be moved within its t1Lorax; befides, there ap-
pear'd very many fmall milk-white veflels, which croft over the breaft

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