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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. LIII. Of a flea,   pp. 210-211

Observ. LIV. Of a louse,   pp. 211-213

Page 211

              MICRO GRAPH I A,                                       211
tube N N, and a tongue or filcker O, which I have perceiv'd him to lip
in and out. Befides thefe, it has alfo two chaps or biters P P, which are
fomewhat like thofe of an Ant, but I could not perceive them tooth'd;
thefe were fhap'd very like the blades of a pair of round top'd Scizers,
and were opened and thut juft after the fame manner ; with thefe Inffru-
ments does this little bufie Creature bite and pierce the fkin, and fuck
out the blood of an Animalleaving the fkin inflamed with a fmall round
red I ot. Thefe parts are very difficult to be discovered, becaufe, for
the moft part, they lye covered between the fore-legs. 1 here are many
other particulars, which, being more obvious, and affording no great
matter of information, I mball pals by, and refer the Reader to the Fi-
                Obferv. L I V.     Of a Loufe.
     His is a Creature fo officious , that 'tivill be known to every one
  o one time or other, fo bufie, and fo impudent, that it will be intru-
ding it lelf in every ones company, and fo proud and afpiring withall
that it fears not to trample on the beft, and affe'cs nothing fo much as
Crown ; feeds and lives very high, and that makes it fo faucy, as to pull
any one by the cars that comes in its way, and will never be quiet till it
has drawn blood: it is troubled at nothing fo much as at a man that
icratches his head, as knowing that man is plotting and contriving (bme
mifchief againft it, and that makes it oftentime fculk into fome meaner
and lower place, and run behind a mans back, though it go very much
againff the hair; which ill conditions of it having made it better known
then trufied, would exempt me from making any further deicription of
it, did not my faithful Aferutry, my Aficrofrope, bring me other infor-
mation of it. For this has discovered to me, by means of a very bright
light caft on it, that it is a Creature of a very odd fhape ; it has a head
fhap'd like that expreft in 3 5. scheme marked with A, which feems al-
moft Conical, but is a little flatted on the upper and under fides, at the
biggeft part of which, on either fide behind the head ( as it were, be-
ing the place where other Creatures ears ftand) are placed its two black
mhining goggle eyes B B, looking backwards, and fenced round with fe-
veral fmall celia or hairs that incompafs itfo that it feems this Creature
has novery good forefight: It does not feem to have any eye-lids, and
therefore perhaps its eyes were fo placed, that it might the better cleanfe
them with its fore-legs; and perhaps this may be the reafon, why they
fo much avoid and run from the light behind them, for being made to
live in the fhady and dark recefs of the hair, and thence probably their
eye having a great aperture, the open and clear light, efpecially that
of the Sun, muft needs very much oflend them; to fecure thefe eyes
from receiving ay injury from the hairs through which it paies, it has
                                  F f2                        two

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