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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

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LUN                        (475)                        LJS~
one  another by Interflices', which receive  the Vef- the Ides. They are
fuppofed to have been efliblifhd bt
fels; and are filled lap with Membranes propagated from -.Ev.ander. On the
Morning of this Feaft the' Lupeco
the Lobules, and lying, fomne parallel, ome angular. Priefla of Pan, run
naked tbro' the Streets of Rome, llroak-.
Thefe Lobules difcover and difplay thernfelves very ex- ing the Women they
met on the Hands and Belly with the
afdly, if the larger Trunks of the llronchia be laid open, Skin of a Goat,
and promifing them Fecundity and happy
and the leffer blown into 3 by which means every Lobule  Deliveries. The
Reafon of thi's indecent Cuflom in cele*-
'belonging to that Branch will be inflated, and rife very  brating the Lu~percalia,
took its Rife from Romulus and
diflinifly, and lhew its Extent.                    Remus 3 for while they
were affillin atthis Feaff a Body
The whole Subfhance of the Lungs is co:vered with -a of Robes  aighl    
   fte Occafion,    lnee
common Membrane, which is divifible into two Coats;i them of their Flocks.
Upon this the two Brothers, and
the outer thin, fmootb, and nervous;5 the inner fomnewhat all the Youth that
was with them, throwing off their
thicker and rougher, confifling moffly of the Extremi- Clothes, to be the
miore expedite, purfued the Thieves,
ties of"Veffels and Veficles, through the Irnpreflion of and recovered
their prey. This fucceeded fo well, that
which it is pitted, and refernbles in fomne meafure a Ho- thenceforward this
Ceremony became a part of the Luper-
ney-Comb. Some affirm that in this Coat are abundance  calia. This Feaff
was abolilhed in the time of A4uguj Jus,
of Perforations or Pores, fo difpofed that they readily  but afterwards reflored,
and continued to the- Time
imbibe any Humidity from the Cavity of the Thorax, but of the Emperor 4naJhqfzus.
 Baronius fays, it was abo-
fuffer nothing to efcape into it. but this feems little more lifhed by the
Pope in 496.  Natalis Comes calls likewife
than Fancy.                                         Lupercalia the Feafts
celebrated in antient Greece, under
The Veffels of the Lungs are the Broncbia, the Pulmo- the Name of Lycea,
which fee. The Word comes fromt
nary and Bronchial Arteries and Veins, 'Nerves and Lym- Lupercal, the Name
of a Place under the Palatine Moun-
phatics. Of thefe Veffels fomne are proper and fome camn- tain, where the
Sacrifices were performed.
rmon, in refpea of the Service they are of to the reft of  LUJPERCI, the
Name given to the Prieffs of the God
the Body. The common are the Bronchia, the Pulmonary  Pan. The Luperci were
the moft antient Order of Priefflß
Artery and Vein, the Ner v~s and Lymphatics i the proper in Rome 5 they were
divided into two Colleges or Comnpa-
are the Bronchial Artery and Vein. See each in its place. nies, the one called
Fabius, and the other Quintilius. TO
The Trachea, juft before it enters the Lungzs, divides it- thefe Cefar added
a third, which he call'd 3ulius. Sueto-
felf into two Branches, fending to each Lobe 'one ; which nzius mentions
the Infltitution of this new College of Lu-
are again fubdivided into innumerable Ramifications, perci, as a thing that
re~nder'd C~efar more odious than he
call'd Bronchia. The Bronchia and their Branches confift was 3 however, it
appears from the fame Paffage of Sue-
,of Cartilages like the Trachea, only here the Cartilages tonius, that this
new Company was not inflituted by C'efar,
are perfealy circular, without any membranous hinder nor in Honour of Pan,
but by fome Friends of Ccefar, and
Part 3 of which, having left the oefophagus, they have no  in Honour of himfelf.
need. Thefe circular Cartilages are joined together by  LUPUS, the Wolf,
a Southern Conflellation, confifling
the Membranes that inveft thtnm, and are capable of be- of 19 stars. See
ing lhot out into Length upon lnfpiration, and of lhrink-  LUSTRAL, an Epithet
applied by the Antients to the
ing up and running into one another in Expiration, when  Water ufed in their
Ceremonies to f~prinkle and purify
the Cavity of the Thorax is leffened.  They fend their the People. From them
the Roman ifts have borrowed the
little Ramifications to all the little Veficles of the Lungs. Holy Water
ufed in their Churches. The Antients call'd
Along with thefe Air-Veffels run the Branches of the Pul- Dies Luftricus,
or Luftral Day, that whereon the Luflra-
nionry  rtey ad Vin;fening their Ramifications cx- tions were performed for
a Child, and its Name given
adly longwiththe  ther3 th  Artery bringing the which was the ninth Day from
the Birth of a Boy, and the
Bloo frm th riht Vntrcl, and the Vein carrying it eighth from that of a Girl.
Others performed the Ce-
backto  he lft  entrcleof 'the Heart.  Whether the remnony on the laft Day
of that Week wherein the Child
Blood returns by the Vein impregnated with Air in the was born, and others
on the fifth Day from its Birth.
Lungs, is flill a Queflion.                         Over this Feafi-Day the
Goddefs Nundina was fuppofed to
The Bronchial Artery arifes from the hind Part of the prefide. The Midwives,
Nurfes, and Domeflics handed
edorta, a little above the Bafis of the Heart, whence, the Child backwards
and forwards around a Fire burning
turning off to the right, it embraces the Trachea ; and after on the Altars
of the Gods, after which they prinkled it
fenin off a Brandh or two to the O.-fopbagus, purfues the with Water.Th olWmemidSaandDl
Courfe of the Broncbia, accompanying all their Branches with the Water. The
whole ended with a fumptuous
through their whole Progrefs. This Artery is fornetimres Entertainment.
fingle, but oftener there are two of them, and fomne-  LUSTRATION ; Expiation,
Sacrifices, or Ceremonies,
times three, arifing at near a Finger's breadth from each  by which the Romazns
purified their Cities, Fields, Armies,
other. With thefe Arteries is a Vein, whofe Branches or People defiled by
any Crime or Impurity.  Some of
&rife from the Ramifications of the capillary Arteries  their Lu~ft rations
were publick, others private. They had
whether the Blood returns by one or more Trunks, does a kind of Luftration,
without Vidqirs, for Children, on the
not appear. Thefe VefTels bring Blood for the Nutriment eighth Day for Girls,
and on the ninth for Boys. Luflra-
of the Bronchia and Veficles of the Luongs, and carry it tion was the fame
thing with Purification. There were
back again.                                         three different Species
of it, or it was performed in three,
Thro' the Lungs are difiributed a great Number of different Manners, by Fire
and Sulphur, by Water, and
Lymphatics, attending generally the Blood-Veffels 5 and  by Air 3which laft
was performed by fanning aud agi-
being at length colleded, difcharge themfelves into the  raigthe Air round
the thing to be purified.
Thoracic Dud.                                         LUSTRE, the Brillant
appearing on any thing, parti-
Dr. Wills, contrary to the common Opinion, afcribes to cularly Manufadures
of Silk, Wooll, and Stuff. Lufire
the Langs a great Number of Nerves, which come from  is alfo, ufed for the
Compofition or Manner of giving that
the Trunk of the Par fla-um i and which being difiributed  Brillant. The
Lujire of Silks, which is their chief Qua-
diro' the Subflance of the Lungs, embrace the a~rious lity, is given them
by waffling in Soap, then clear Water,
and fanguiferous Veffl~s. He alfo afferts, that the F~efli- and laying them
in a cold Alumn Bath. The Luftre of
cul~e have mufculous Fibres, to enable them to exert a black Taffeta is given
by double-brewed Beer, boiled
greater contraaive Force in Expiration 5 tho' others de- with Orange or Lemon
juice j that of coloured Taffeta a
ny any fuch Fibres. -Diemerbroeck obferves, that the Ve- with Water of Gourds,
diflilled in an Alembic. Curriers
ficles admit not only of Air, but alfo of other groffer give their Lufire
feveral ways, according to the Colour
Matters 3 and inflan'ces two Af~lhmatic Perfons which he to be illuifirated
: For Blacks, the firft Luftre is with-
opened, the one a Stone-Cutter, the 1Yeficul~e of whofe Juice of Barberries
3 the fecond with Gum Arabic, Ale,
Lungs were fo fluffed with Duff, that, in cutting, his Knife Vinegar, and
Flanders Glue boiled together : For colour'd
went as if thro' a Heap of San.d ; the other a Feather- Leathers, they ufe
the WVhite of an Egg beaten in Water;~
Driver, in whom the \Teficles were full of the fine Duil Morocco's have their
Li-lire from Juice of Barberries, and
or Down of Feathers. For the Ufe and Adtion of the  Lemon or Orange : For
Hats, the Lufire is frequently
Lungs, fee Refpiration, Voice, &c.                  given with fimple
Water, fomnetimes a little black Teint
LUNISOLAR, in Aflronomy and Chronology, is un- is added. The fame Luflre
ferves the Skinners, except
aderflood of fomething comnpofed of the Revolution of that in white Furs
they never uife any black Dye. For
the Sun, and of that of the Moon. Thus we fay the Lu- very black Furs they
fometimes prepare a Lufire of
isifolar Year ; which is a Period of Years made by multi- Galls, Copperas,
Roman Alumn, Ox's Marrow, and other
plying the Cycle of the Moon, which is i 9, by that of Ingredients. The Lujire
is given to Cloths and Mohairs
the Sun, which is aS8, the Produa of which is 5 3z i in  by preffing them-
under the Calendar.
,which Space of Time thofe two Luminaries return to the  LUSTRUM, a Termn
ufed by the Rumans to fignify a
fame Points                                         Space of five Years.
1/arro derives the WVoid6from lao,-
LUPERCALIA, Feafis inflituted in antient Rome in to pay, becauife at the
beginning of each five Years they
Honour of the God ran. The Lu eciawreclbae           ai h    rbteta     a
  en impofed by the Cenfors -
on the i 5th of the Calends of Marcb, that is, on the i 5th  whofe Authority,
at their firfi Inflituri6n, was continued,
of February, or, as Ovid obfcrves, on the third Day after thmfrfv  er   
h'atrad       t was'abridged to

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