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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

Luther Burbank -- the sum of his work with plant life -- what it has meant to science and agriculture,   pp. [155]-[201] PDF (10.3 MB)

Page 186

fruit is regarded by the orchardist as an inde-
pendent variety, owing to the fact that it may be
propagated indefinitely by division or by grafting.
"A million new kinds" refers to the endless
diversity of individual forms among hybrid black-
berries and raspberries, from among which a score
or so had been selected as worthy of introduction.
It should be added, however, that certain of these,
including the Primus berry and the Phenomenal,
were fixed varieties or new species that would
breed true from the seed.
In another clause reference is made to "four-
teen years" of experiment, revealing the fact that
the blackberries and raspberries were among the
plants that Mr. Burbank had found time to experi-
ment with extensively during the ten year period of
the nursery experience that preceded the establish-
ment of his experiment gardens.
It was partly because these fruits had been
experimented with for this long period that so
large a section of New Creations was devoted to
new races of hybrid berries.
It should not be understood, however, that the
work with the blackberries and raspberries stood
at all by itself in presenting evidence of the fer-
tility of hybrids, and in thus throwing new light
on the problems of evolution.
On the contrary, evidence of precisely the same

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