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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

Luther Burbank -- the sum of his work with plant life -- what it has meant to science and agriculture,   pp. [155]-[201] PDF (10.3 MB)

Page 183

evolution, even had it been made by itself as a
single and isolated experiment in hybridization.
But, in point of fact, the record of the Primus
Berry was accompanied by similar records of an
entire company of new hybrid blackberries and
raspberries. In the same section of New Creations
that told of the Primus Berry, there was the record
of an equally remarkable blackberry-raspberry
hybrid of an entirely different character, the par-
ents this time being the California dewberry and
the well-known Cuthbert raspberry, the latter a
native of England.
Three hybrids of this cross were offered for
introduction, one of them being the extraordinary
berry that was afterward named the Humboldt,
and then renamed the Phenomenal.
There were two other hybrid dewberries of
only lesser interest. There was also the hybrid
between the Crystal White Blackberry and Shaf-
fer's Colossal Raspberry, which produced the
berry famous afterward as the Paradox, and from
which new races of raspberries and blackberries
of almost every conceivable combination can be
produced, as the photograph showing varied
leaves, to which reference has already been made,
amply demonstrated.
Then, too, there was the hybrid between the
Japanese Golden Mayberry and the Cuthbert

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