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History of Science and Technology

Warm-blooded vertebrates


Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-, et al.. Abbot, C. G. (Charles Greeley), 1872, Editor
Warm-blooded vertebrates
(Smithsonian Science Series, Volume 9)
New York: Smithsonian institution series, inc., 1931
389 p. illus.

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[Frontispiece] Wilson's phalarope (Steganopus tricolor)

[Title page] Warm-blooded vertebrates



Part I: birds, Wetmore, Alexander

Chapter I: birds in relation to man, pp. 1-12

Chapter II: adaptations for progression by flying , pp. 13-24 ff.

Chapter III: color and its arrangement, pp. 25-38

Chapter IV: ancestors and ancestry, pp. 39-49

Chapter V: migration and its study, pp. 50-67

Chapter VI: homes and their location, pp. 68-78

Chapter VII: eggs and their care, pp. 79-90

Chapter VIII: something about young birds, pp. 91-102

Chapter IX: voice and other sounds, pp. 103-113

Chapter X: studies afield and in the laboratory, pp. 114-125

Chapter XI: food and economic relations, pp. 126-142

Chapter XII: the kinds of birds in brief review, pp. 143-166

Part II: mammals and how they are studied, Miller, Gerrit S., Jr.; Gidley, James W. pp. [167]-[169] ff.

Chapter I: personal experiences with fossil mammals, pp. 171-187

Chapter II: how history is read from the fossil record, pp. 188-206

Chapter III: how existing mammals are collected, pp. 207-217

Chapter IV: mammals in the museum, pp. 218-227

Chapter V: how mammalogy began and grew, pp. 228-241

Chapter VI: some simple shop talk, pp. 242-259

Chapter VII: museum comedy, pp. 260-266

Chapter VIII: the most ancient known mammals, pp. 267-268

Chapter IX: egg-laying mammals, pp. 269-279

Chapter X: pouched mammals, pp. 280-310

Chapter XI: ordinary mammals, pp. 311-375

Selected bibliography, pp. 376-380

Index, pp. 381-389 ff.


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