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Old and new plant lore ; a symposium


Chase, Agnes, et al.. Abbot, C. G. (Charles Greeley), 1872, Editor
Old and new plant lore ; a symposium
(Smithsonian Science Series, Volume 11)
New York: Smithsonian institution series, inc., 1931
8 p. l., 390 p. col. front., illus., 97 pl. (incl. ports.; part col.) on 60 l. 25 cm.

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[Frontispiece] A composite scene of living red and brown algae from widely separated areas in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

[Title page] Old and new plant lore



Part I: the world of plants, Hitchcock, A. S.

Chapter I: fundamental life processes in plants, pp. 1-31

Chapter II: how plants seek the light, pp. 32-37

Chapter III: how plants reproduce, pp. 38-71

Chapter IV: plant movements and carnivorous plants, pp. 72-76

Chapter V: plant societies, pp. 77-85

Chapter VI: how plants are related, pp. 86-96

Chapter VII: how plants are used by man, pp. 97-110

Selected bibliography, p. 111

Appendix: grouping of some better-known plants by families, pp. 112-130

Part II: systematic botany: its development and contacts, Maxon, William R.

Chapter I: the orgin and development of systematic botany, pp. 133-147

Chapter II: the contacts and status of systematic botany, pp. 148-163

Selected bibliography, p. 164

Part III: plants of the sea, Mann, Albert

Chapter I: general characteristics, pp. 167-174

Chapter II: kinds of algae, pp. 175-183

Chapter III: uses of the algae, pp. 184-196

Selected bibliography, pp. 197 ff.

Part IV: grass, Hitchcock, A. S.; Chase, Agnes pp. [199] ff.

Chapter I: grasses the basis of civilization, pp. 201-215

Chapter II: grasses the basis of wealth, pp. 216-237

Chapter III: the place of grasses in the plant world, pp. 238-249

Selected bibliography, p. 250

Part V: deserts and their plants, MacDougal, Trembly

Chapter I: characteristic features of deserts, pp. 253-263

Chapter II: origin and development of desert plants, pp. 264-270

Chapter III: adaptation of plants and animals to desert conditions, pp. 271-283

Selected bibliography, p. 284

Part VI: the dependence of plants on radiant energy, Johnston, Earl S.

Chapter I: light and plant nutrition, pp. 287-300

Chapter II: light and growth, pp. 301-306

Chapter III: phototropism, pp. 307-314

Selected bibliography, pp. 315 ff.

Part VII: maize, the plant-breeding achievement of the American Indian, Kempton, J. H. pp. [317] ff.

[Chapter I: the domestication of plants as a measure of civilization], pp. [unnumbered]-328

Chapter II: the origin of maize, pp. 329-348

Selected bibliography, pp. 349 ff.

Part VIII: botanical exploration in South America, Killip, Ellsworth P.

[Chapter I: a new field for American botanists], pp. [unnumbered]-362

Chapter II: work in the field, pp. 363-376

Selected bibliography, pp. 377 ff.

Index, pp. 379-390 ff.


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