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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the figure of the cassowary,   pp. 240 ff.

Page 240

     The Explication of the Figulre of the C A S S 0 W   A R Y.
   HE lower Figure fmews that the Head, Neck, and Bunch on thc
 j    Brfeaft are withNout Feathers; that the reft of the Body appears rather
 garnifhed with Hair than Feathers; that the flefhy Appendices, where-
 with the lower Beak of Hens is ordinarily deck'd, are in this Bird at the
 tom of the Neck; that the Head is covered with a Creft like an Helmet ;
 that the Beak is divided at the end; that inftead of Feathers, the Wings
 only five Q(ltls \without Beards ; and that the Rump and Feet are extra-
 ordinary bigg.
                         In the Vpper Fizgure.
A A. RepreJefnis one of the Feath ers, which are for the Mofl part doulWe.
B1. The Tongue wlith the knot of the Larynx.
C. The Spleen.
D. The'Splenick Artery.
E. The Splenick Vein.
F. The Craw.
G. Tkhe ,lJ Vetitricle.
H. Thefecond Ventricle.
I- An Appendix of the fecond Ventricle.
r. The Head of the Appendix which.lop'd the Pylorus.
K. The Gall-Bladder.
L L. The Dudus Cyflicus.
MM. Tr,e Duflus Hepaticus.
N. 1The Pancreas.
0 Q. The Internal Eye-lidd extended over the Cornea.
P QP. Tke Internal Lye-lid drawn from over the Cornea, and [ro!aht into the
  great Canthus of the Eye.
P S ri Q  7I7  cat Mufclcs of the Internal Eye-lidj Q  is its Origine P,
  Yrtiuon   S, the Optick Nerve ox which the Tendon of the Mulie:l isf/aded;
  r, the Aponcurofis of the little Mufcle, which fietves as a Pally to the
  don of thegreat one.
It r. The little Mufcle.
T 'I'. The Glandula Lacryrialis,
V V. Tie Veffels of the Glandula Lacrymalis.
X a. The Dud us Lacrymalis. X, is its Aperture towards the edge of thc Inter-
  nal Eye-lid, through wvich the Humour is poured on the Cornea.
Y Z. The grect MuFcle extended; Z, is its Origine; Y its 1nJ'crtioa?.
a. The 'lunck of the lower Vena Cava.
b b. Yhe Emiulgents ccc c. The Kidneys.
d f, d f. The 1El pididymis. e e. IThe Telticles.
d T, cd g. The Deferentia.
g g g g. The Ureter's
                                                               T HE1

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