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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the figure of the demoiselles of Numidia,   pp. 204 ff.

Page 204

2G 4
    The Explication of the Figure ofthe Deanoifelles of Numidia.
.rJ'He lower Figure represents what kind of long white Feathers do frand
X up like Ears on both fides of the Head of this Bird; and how the
brown, long, and loofe Feathers, do hang down to the bottom of the
Neck. But that which is moft remarkable, is the Pofture, in which it is
put, by reprefenting it as if it danfed; becaufe that this Aflion is proper
to it.
                         In the Vpper Figure.
A. The Trunck of the Aorta.
B. The Arteria Cxliaca which goes to the Ventricle, S<plecnf and Liver.
C. The Mefenterica, which goes to the Pancreas and Intetilics.
D D D. The Arterix Emulgentes.
E E. The Cruralis Superior.
F F. The Cruralis Inferior.
G. The extremity of the Aorta which is diJlribated to the Os Sacrum and the
  joyning Parts.
H. The Trunck of the Vena Cava.
I. The Ramus Iliacus of the Cava.
K. The Vena Emulgens.
L. The Vena Cruralis.
M. The Tranck of the Cruralis which paffes tnder the Kidney, andjoyns at
N  to
   its fellow.
'00. The left Kidney.
P. The TeJticle of the Male.
Q. The Epididymis.
R R. The Vafa Spermatica Deferentia.
S. The l'reter.
T. The Tef/icle ofthe Female.
V. The Ovarium.
X Y. The Oviduflfis.
X. The Funnel of the Oviduaus.
Z. A Ligzamrnt which faflens the OvidudI to the Kidney, like a Mefentery.
A ~. 7l e L-ending of the Afpera Arteria.
T The B( nve of the Sternum, in wvhich the Circumvolution of the Afpera Arteria
   is held fajt.
 4. One ofthe Rings cf the Afpera Arteria having tivo Notches.
 ~ D. 4A Piece of the Afpera Arteria which difcove7's the manner hotv its
Rings are
 sT. 7  Pe h a ?t wihich rjf~eas the Vertebrx ofthe Neck.
 5. The Part which refpects the oatfide ofthe Neck.

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