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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the figure of the bustard,   pp. 196 ff.

Page 196

             The Explication of the Figure of the    Buftard.
T       He Six Ba/ards were not in all things alike.  There were fome wiho1e
T    Neck was proportionably longer than the Leggs; others had it fhorter.
Some had the Beak more pointed than it is here defcribed; yet the Generali.
ty had it thus. There was one where the Feathers which covered the Ear
were fomewhat longer than they are here rcprefented'
                              In the Vpper Figure.
AA. 7-he two Lobes ofthe Liver.
B. The Gall-Bladder.
C. The Duaus Cyfhicus.
DD. The DuEtus Hepaticus.
EF Tke Duflus Pancreatici.
G. A fold of the internal Tunicle of the Intefline, forYming a Caruncle or
   which cover's the four Mouthes of the Cyftick, Hepatick, and Pancreatick
1IH. The Pancreas.
1. Th~e extremity of the Oeiophagus where it begins to inlarge it/elf.
KKK. Thie outward membrane of the Oefbphagus which is compon with the Oefo-
   phagus and Ventricle, or Gizzard which it covers.
LL. The internal Membrane which cover's the Gland's ofthe lower part of the
  Oefophagus. This Membrane is alfo covered with another which makes the
  Velvet, and which is likewiJ:e extended over the Membrane M  M. It is not
  reprefented, to avoid Conf [iton, and be aufe it is eafily fupply'd by
MM. The Internal Membrane of the Gizzard, which isfolded and rufled.
N. The Glands which are at the bottom of the Oefophagus like to the ends
  Pipes, and ranged one upon the other.
00. The Fleflby and Mufdulous part of the Gizzard, inclofed between t,'e
  brane K K K, and the Membrane M M.
P. One v/the Feet repr fcNted at large, altlho,it exceed not a thir-part
sfthe Natural
j). One of tlhe 'ralons cut, tofbeiw that it is not hollow uiderneath, buat
round as at
Q. T1he extrec;imty of the Ilium.
R R. The beginning of the tio Cccum's.
S S. The great Pouch, Which is neair the Extremity of thie ReE'urn. It is
  to difcover th)e mouths of the Ureter's and of the third Cxcuin.
TI' T. The Ureters.
7' b'e third CaCUni comnwnly called Fabricius, Purfe.
N. Tbe mouth of the third C(Jcum.
Y. A ,foid of the internal Memnbrane of the great Pouch of the Rectum, making
  a littlt, Sack over the llouth of the PurfI(.
7, Z. A17, w'irfths ou the Ureters.

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