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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explanation of the figure of the porcupine and hedgehog,   p. 146

Page 146

146                    The Anatomical Defuiphon
  The Expidnation of the Figure of the Porcupine and Hedgehog.
T     HE E lower Figure reprefents the diflareaceof thefe two Species of
        mals, which sc unfije-- not on1ly inthieirt4ize, but alfo in tbeir
kes, which are all 'of dne fort in the Hidge og, and muchv fhorer, in pro-
portionmto the Body, tlan in tie PoycmpiseX, hich-has great-and hard pric-~
kles cn the Back and: Flaucks, and w hich, on its Neck, Head, and fides of
jaws has only lbon, -firialP, and flexible Briftle.
                          T -the Vpper Figure.
A. Tke Ventricle of the Porcupine.
B. The I)uo,!num, wlhicbc may pa/s
  for a jfoirt/ Venni icic.
C. 7Thepreat Spleern.
D. The litle Sp~cen, which is fajined
  on the Ventricle hy its middle, and
  joyned by its lower ewd to the Iliun
  towards E.
E F G. The Illum.
H. 7%CXcuM.
I 1. The Colon'.
K. The ~xternal Ear like to that of a
L. One of the Porcupinesgreat Teeth,
  as big a the Life.
M  lAM. Ihe Paraftatx.
N N. T e Tef ticles of the Male-Por-
0 0. Ihe Proftat-r.
P. The Bladder.
q q. The Ligaments which do fajten
   Teficles, and pals into the I higks.
1'. 71e Epidid, mis naturally lepa-
  r.Ited from theC TeJlicle.
Q. A piece of the Skin which feem
  ed as it wrere Printed on the ibfide,
  /y rea/fn that it is wrinckled injmall
  (.avities Lozenge-wife.  Ti-ere isi
  liken-if' on'e of the Porcupine's pric-j
  Xles wkhich was left falned to tli5spiecel
  cfSkiw,  to JI ew how little dlyerert
  i!t is, kcnitvfi of' the fmallnefs of its
  rcot, n,/tC; pi enc tratt l not far into
  the Slin.
K,. OiEe of Ke t eQc  wbiSb n 'Here upon
  the Porcupine's Ramp.
S S. The Kidneys.
T. The right Succenturiatus immedi-
  Ately fianed to the Vena Cava A4
U. The left Succenturiatus immedi-
  ately fafned to the great Kidney,
  and by the means of 4 Veffel to the
X X. The two Cornua Uteri.
Y Y. The Tefficles of the Female
Z. The Bladder.
4 A. The troad Ligament of the Ute-
r. TIhe left Succenturiatus cut in half.
A A. The 'efhicles of the Male-Hedg-
  Hog. inclofed within tbe lIly, as
  they commonly are in the of
  other Animtals.
  x. The Epididymis.
~3 j. The Paraftatx.
, y. lThe Proftatx.
f e. Some flejhie Membranes which do
  jerve for (Cremafters.
A. A Tranfparent Membrane.
9. The Bladder.
( D. LMemlranes in the Male Hedg-
   Hog like the &Yoad Ligea;ments of the
   Utcr us. Tl ef' llembranes are thick
   and very diyfrrent from the Mem-
   brane  , n- lich 'isl raraJarent.
ni0 0. The Vafta Spermatica prxpa-
A TIIITII,7f:. t^P +L. i nn
-    -   * '.  1s' Alr AV/6'  VJ kPJ 7 . UJ %.,U JI1j1.
The Anatomical Defirription

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