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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of a sea-calf,   pp. 120-125

Page 120

   S EA. CCL)'
   0 ND        '7 Shas obf~rvid thti the S~e'a',cAlfe isoPC twoSpatiesi one
   R  of which is found in the Mediterraneoin, and the othei, in., the.0O4a4
But he. makes no other differene between each of thefe two $,Pceis thanf
th e
habit of the Body , Which hie reports to be fuller in4 the, Sea-Calfe of
Ocean than in that of the Medii erra*xeap, whc  s*1tf  hc   and Ibrt
                                 .   hc is no -oti!a        fot-
the other. The Sea-Ca/fe whore'dcfription wve make had more, referrblanp:
with this fecond Species than with thie firif.
  It had a long Neck and the Head farther dihmat~firom tho Shouvlders thao
it is in the Ca/fe of the Ocean, fo as it- is reprerented in. the ,figures
we ha've-Qf
it ; and the reft of the Body was likcwilbc ftralter. TIhe:-B~reaft, was
  byrefon of the fituation of the Omoplata, which were forwarderthnhy
are in other Animals, which have the Breaft Pointed and narrow .when the
Omoplata arc backwarder. ThewholeAnimalwas twenty* pght Inches in
1enthi from the Nofe to the end of th)e hind-Feet,., which according to tlj~
difj ofition that they Naturally have in this Animal, were extended and'jyr
ed one to the other ; heaving in this only the forme of a Fifl's Tailaccording
to the D--cription of. Ariftotle, which is contraity to that of Iondeleqizis
who repref&nts the Sea-Calf, as well that of the IOcean as of the 1M1editerranegei
without hind-feet , and who repreliends Arifioti' for- repo0r1iI1g that tpi<j
Animallhas Toes onthe hind-fe~ect liketo thiofL of thiefor-e-feetfo tlwatitfm
that Rondeletias has confounded thle'true Sea-Ca/fe or Ploca of tlie Ancients,
with the Sea-Ox of the 147eJ1 -Indies which heas no hind-fvet, but oply a
pen K/b-Tail, which it makes ufe of for Swviming, whiiclr~ it.,pertorrnes
a very great Swiftnefi, according to Chitfit'is, who f{4s that le jt one
the Ho/landers had brought firou the Indies.
  The Sea-Calfe which11 we deferibelhad not only, two hind-feet, but berides
that a Tail 'of an Inch ahd a half long, which Ar4flotle juffly compares
to tie-
Tail of a Stagg  TIis true that' thie ~ros of thefe f~-e't were not 1~ ihapcd

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