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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of a dromedary,   pp. 37-41

Page 37

                             T H E
                             OF A
T      His Animal here defcribed we call a Dromedary ,altho'the common pra&ife
T be to give the name of Camelfimnply to that which like it has but one
Bunch on the Back,and of Dromedary to that which lhth two according toSoli-
rns, but contrary to what AriJot/et and Pliny, and thegcenetality of Authors
have Writt thereof, who do make two forts of Ca-mels whereof one, which
retains the Name of the Genxs, has two Bunches, and is moft commonly
found in the Eaftern parts of Afta, and- is therefore called Biafotinas;
it is alfo
bigger and more proper to carry heavy Burdens: The other, Which
isLeffer, and fitter for the Courf&, and which for this reafonl is called
Dromedary, has but one Bunch, and is mofi commonly feen in the Weflern
Parts of  fra, viz, in .Sria and Arabia. "The Siewr Dipian Arabina,
was prefent at our Diffiedion, informed us theat the Cvmnels of his country
are like to Ours.
  It was feven Foot anid a half high from the Crown of the Head to thc
Feet ; five and a half from tw higbhef bending of tle Back-bone, w hich is
the Bunch ; SiX Foot and a half from the Stonaclh to the Tail, of which all
thle Knots or Vertebrx were fourteen Inches together ; an-d all the Tail
prelhending the hair, two Foot and a hM$. Thle Head èvas On'e 2tnd
' I'weiltv
Inches from the hinder-part to the No1.
  The Hair was of a Faw*i-C9our inclininig a little to an AJb-Co/'o!r. It
very foft to the touch, moderately Short, aned fbiliewlhat iorl-r thani an
excepting forme places, where it was longeF, as on1 tho Head, uider the throat
aid on the fore-part of the Neck.  But the longeft ways on the mid(le of
the Back, where it was near a foot. In this place, although it was very foft
and limber, it ftood ere&t, fb that it matde the greateft part of the
Bunch of
the Back, whic-h whene this hair was preffd down withthe hI  I , hardly
appeared more Elevated than a Dgsg or S-ies-, which are Animals tiin^,
have not the Back Sunk, a, Horfis, Coils anrd Vi ggs generalv have. Andt
indeed there arc forne Authors which da fiy, that the Dro(i;eur7 is elP{erfl-
dred of the Came! and H(~g. T['his is verv replgnlanlt to +i!//oifc, q' f
) aierte,

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