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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. XXIV. Of the surfaces of rosemary, and other leaves,   pp. 141-142

Page 141

              MI C R O G R A P HA. I41
the rows of pores crofliog one another, much after the 91±nner as
rows ofeyesdda which are defcrib'd in the 2 6.ScleaV: Coral/;ne alkb
feveral forts of white Coral, I have with a AJijrojiyqpe obfcrv'd, very cu-
rioufly fhap'd. And I doubt not, but that he that hli tbkre tbek
feveral kinds of Plants that grow upon Rocks, -uvhich Ow Sea fortle-
times overflows, and thofe heaps of others which are vomitcd out of it qp-
on the fl ore, may find rmultitudies of little P1and other bodjsvhidh
like this will afkrd very bcautifull ob jeds for the Afficrofiep¢; 5anctlhi~
Specimwen here is adjoin'd onely to excite their curLlitiCs who have o0p-
portunity of obferving to examine and collgce what they find wvorthy
their notice; for the Sea, among terrefirial bodies, is alco a pr-4fk
mother, and affbrds as many Indances of fivuotanevim generations a5 eji
ther the Air or Earth.
Obferv. XXIV. OfthefurfacesofRofcmary, andotherleovess.
T    Hiswhich is delineated within the circle of the fecond Figure of the
  1 14. Schene, is a finall part of the back or under fide of a leaf of
Ro1t mary, which I did not therefore make choice of, becaufe it had any
thing peculiar which was not obfervable with a A4icroycpe in fevVr'I
other Plants, but becaufe it exhibits at one view,
  Firft, a frooth and fmining furface, namely, A B. wvhic is a part of the
- rrws {S- Stf 1,-1 I A-. 111- .1- 1_  Lin I,_I ht m 11- - nln  s  hsIC
     1A.Iluc 11 rikL l.ta Lildt uy a llJlI U1'. 11II1_I UL1 %JUUUlILLJ6 L'k
LJ1 II-L Ip-
pears on this fide. There are multituides of leaves, whofe furfaces are
'like this fmooth, and as it were quilted, which look like a curious quilted
bagg of green Silk, or like a Bladder, or forne fitch. pliahle transparent
ihblfance, fiull htuffed out with a green juice or liquor ; the firface of
Rue, or Hei bgrafs, is poliff'd, and all over indented, or pitted, like the
Silk-worm's Eggwhich I fhall anon defcribe ; the fmooth furfaces of other
Plants are otherwife quilted, Nature in this, as it were, exprefling her
Needle-work, or imbroidery.
  Next a downy or bufhy furface, fuch as is all the under fide almoft,
appearing through the Xicrqfcope much like a thicket of bufhes, and witl
this kind of Down or Hair the leaves and ftalks of multitudes of Vcge-
tables are covered; and there feems to be as great a variety in the fbape,
bulk, and manner of the growing of thefe fecundary Plants, asI may call
them (they being, as it were, a Plant growing out of a Plant, or forne-
what like the hairs of Animals) as there is to be found amongft fmall
thrubs that compofe bufhes; but for the moft part, they confift of finall
tranfparent parts, fome of which grow in the thape of fimall Needles or on the Thiftle,Cowag-ecod and Nettle; others in the form of
Cat's claws,as in Cliders, the beards of Barley, the edges of feveral forts
ofGrafs and Reeds,&c. in other,as Coltsfoot,Rofe-campion, Aps, Poplar,
Willow, and almoft all other downy Plants, they grow in the form of
buthes very much diverfify'd in each particular Plant, That which T have

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