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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

The preface

                         TH E
P R E F A C E-.
1 id the great prerogative of Mankind above other
Creatures, that we are not only able to behold the
works of Nature, or barely to fuflein our lives by
them, but we have alfo the power of confidering,
comparing, altering, aflifting, and improving
them to various ufes.And aM this is the peculiar priviledge of humane
Nature in generaj, Jo i5 it capable of being fo far advancedby the helps
of Art, and Experience, a5 to make fome Men excel others in theim
Obfervations, and Deduiionsla Imofi a much aM they do Beafis. By the
addition of juch artificial Infiruments and methodsthere may begin
fome manner, a reparation made for the mtrchiifi, and imperfeiion,
mankind has drawn upon it fe/f, by. neglzgenceand intemperance, anda
wilful and juperflitious deferting the Prefcripts and Rules of Nature,
whereby every man, both from a deriv'd corruption, innate andborn
with him, and from his breeding and converfe with menids very jubjea
to flip into all forts of errors.
   The only way which now remains for ud to recover fome degree of
thofe former perfe~iions, feems to be,by reiifying the operations of the
Senfethe MemoryandReafonfince upon the evidencethe flrength,
the integrity,and the right correfpondence of all thefeall the light,
by which our a~iions are to be guided, iz to be renewed, and all our corn-
mand over things ij to be efiablifht.
    It is therefore mofi worthy of our confideration, to recollet their fe-
feveral defeas, that fJ we may the better underfiandhow tofupply them,
and by what aqiflances we may inlarge their power,and fccure them in
performing their particular duties.
    As for the a~iions of our Senfes, we cannot but obferve them to be it
                                      a                      mdny

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