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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

To the Royal Society

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                      TO THE
Fter my AddreSf to our Great Founder and Pa-
tron) I could not but think my fclf oblig'd,
in confideration of thofe many lngageinents
you have laid upon me , to ofer thete my
   1]rr .1- rth1/   tf ,;   Afq  n Q Tr  T T rIf
               'poor J~LI~Urs. LV rLs1 All %-- LJ ILU
ST RIO ULS       ASSEMBLY Y          Y O U   have been
pleas'd formerly to accept of thefe rude Draughts. I have firice
added to them fome Defcriptions, and fome Conje~rures of my
own. And therefore, together with YOUR Acceptance, I muft
'9fo beg YOUR pardon.The Rules YOU have prefcrib d YOUR
lelves in YOUR Philofophical Progrefs do feem the beft that
have ever yet been pradis'd. And particularly that of avoiding
Dognatizvng , and the efoufal of any Hypothefis not fufficiently
grounded arnd confirm d by Experiments.  This way feems the
moft cxcellent, and may preferve both Philofophy and Natural
Flioory from its former Corruptions.In faying which, I may feem
to condemn my own Courfe in this Treatife; in which there
may perhaps be fome Exprejfions, which may feem morepofitive
then YOUR Prefcriptionswill permit: And thoughIdefire
to have them underItood only as Conje~iures and Queries (which
YOUR Method does not altogether difallow)yet ifeven in thofe
I have exceeded, 'tie. fit that 1 fhould declare, that it was not
done by YOUR Diredions. For it is moft unreafonable, that
YOU fhould undergo the imputation of the faults of my Con-
jeCiures, feeing YOU can receive fo fmall advantage of reputa.
tion by the fleight Obfervations of
                            TOVR mofi humble and
                                  mofi faithful Servant
                             ROBERT HOOKE,

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