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History of Science and Technology

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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

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H          IS Grace the Duke of
The Right Hon. the
Lord Abergavenny.
The Right Hon. the Lord Arrundale,
of 7-rerice.
SirJacob Ackworth Kt. Surveyor of
the Navy.
Sir John Anfiruther of Anjiruther, Bar.
7homas Archer Efq;
William Archer Efq;
Dingley Askham Efq;
Dr. Allen.         Mr. Afgill.
Mr. Oliver Alon, Attorney at Law,
feven Books.
The Rev. James Anderfon M.A. of
Swallow-fireet, St. James's.
Major Seth Adams.
Mr. Anfdell, Bookfeller in Leverpool.
Mr. Samuel Aris, Printer.
Mr. Eleauer Albin, Painter.
Mr. Abraham A~hworth in Durham.
T    HE   Right Hon. the Earl of
The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Burlington.
The Right Hon. the Lord Belhayven.
The Right Hon. the Lord Binning.
The Right Hon. George Baillie, Efq;
The Hon. Mr. Bruce.
The Hon. Alexander Brodie of Bro-
die, Efq; Lord Lyon.
fohn Blaxiand of Grays-Inn, Efq;
George Bagnal Efq;
Richard Backwell jun. Efq;
Samuel Buckley Efq;
Henry Barham Efq; F.R.S.
Anthony Balam Efq;
7ohn Blackwood Efq;
JohnBusby Efq; F.R.S.
John Ba*mber, M.D. F.R;S.
The Rev. Mr. John Benfon.
The Rev. Mr. Bowen.
The Rev. Mr. Baron of Manflead.
The Rev, Mr. Edmund Banyer.
Dr. Brown.
Edward Barry M.D.
Mr. Charles Burd, Attorney at Law.
Mr. Alderman Bennet of Cork,78ooks.
Mr. John Brown Chymift, M.R.S.
Mr. John Beavis.
Mr. George Binckes of Covent-darden.
Mr. Peter Brown.
Mr. William Bonner of Cambridge,
Mr. Nicholas Blomberg.
Mr. 7ob Bradley, Bookfeller at Chef-
Mr. William Brown in Edinburgh.
T    HE Moft Reverend His Grace
Timothy Goodwin, Lord Arch-
bilhop of Ca/hels.
The Right Hon. the Marquis of
The Right Hon. the Lord Carmichael
The Right Hon. the Lord Colvill of
The Right Hon. the Lord Crighton.
Sir Archer croft, of croft-C6a'le if
Herefordlhire, Baronet. ,
Sir Alexander Cuming, Baronet.
Sir James Colquboun pf Lufs, Bar.
Sir Dancan.Camp bell of Locbrell, Bar.
Sir ames Campbellof Aberruchill, Bat.
Siri amescampbellof AnchenbrookBar.
The Hon. Col. Thomas Cornwallis.
The Hon. Col. Charles Cathcart,
Groom of the Bedchamber to his
The Hon. Col. Joohn Campbell jun. of
William Cartwright Efq;
Charles CrifPje of Dornford in Oxford-
Ihire,- Etq;
Anthony Collins Efq;
Yohn Campbell of Stackpole Court in
PembrokeJhire, Efq;
-    Colins Efq;
John Crewe jun. of Crewe Hall in
Cheihire, Efq;
Henry Ludlow Coker Efq;
John Clarke Efq;
Colin Campbel Efq;
Henry Cunningham Efq;
Daniel Campbell of Shawfield, Efq;
James Cockburn Efq;
Robert Cunyngham of St. Chriflophers,
The Rev. Robert Camell L.L.D. Rec-
tor of Bradwell in Suffolk.
The Reverend Dr. Clarke.
The Rev. Mr. Jofeph Charles, Red or
of Swaffham in Norfolk.
The Rev. Mr. Jofeph Collett.
The Rev. Mr. John Colfon, F. R. S.
feven Books.
William Cockburn M.D. F.R.S.
Cadwallader Colden of New rork, M.D.
Mr. S. Cranmer of London, Goldfmith.
Mr. J7ohn Currier.   Mr. Crotty.
Mr. W. Cofsley of Brifiol, Bookfeller.
Mr. R. Clements of Oxford, Bookfeller.
Mr. 7. Carlos, Bookfeller in Norwich.
Mr. John Chriflian.
Mr. J7ohn Cook of Sherborx.
Mr. _ohnbnCarpenter.
Mr. _7ofeph Crew.
Mrs. Martha Clayton, Bookfeller in
H    IS Grace the Duke of Devonjbhire.
The Right Hon. James Earl
of Derby.
TheRightHon.theEarl of Dundonald.
The Right Hon. the Lord Edward
the Hod. Lieut. Gen. Robert .alzneel.
The Hon. Col. Charles Dubourgay.
George Drummond Efq;
Montague Gerrard Drake Efq;
George Dickins of Leverpool, M.D.
Yames Douglas, M.D. F.R.S.
Thomas Dutton Gent..
The Reverend William Derham M.A.
Canon of Windfor, and F.R.S.
The Rev. Mr. William Dormer.
Mr.James Deacon of the Cufiomhoufe.
Mr. Wiliam Doughty, Attorney at
T    HE Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Eyre,
Lord Chief Juflice of the
(mmon Pleas.
Sir Gilbert Eliot, Baronet.
Sir Jofeph Eyles Kt.
John Ellon Efq;
Mrs. Everard in Newport in the J71e of
t~1HE     Rt. Hon. the Lord Foley.
T The Hon. Mr.Juftice Fortefcue.
yWilliam Freke Efq;
tCoulfon Fellowes Efq;
Mr. Benjamin Fuller.
Mr. Abraham Fowler of London, Gold-
Mr. Daniel De Foe, junm
THE Right Hon. the Earl of
1T    Galoway.
The Right Hon. the Lord Vifcouht
The Right Hon. the Lord Glenorchy.
Sir Wliam Gordon, Bar.
Sir Archibald Grant, Bar.
The Hon.Iames Grant of Grant, Efqp
7lomas Graham Efq; Apothecary to
his Majefty.
Nicholas Graham of Gartmore, Efq;
Alexander Gordon of Pitlurg, Efq;
Yohn Godfrey, of Norton Court in Kent,
William Gibbons, of the Middle Tem-
ple, Efq;
J7ohn Green Efq;
Jofieph Ga/coigne Efq;
R. Grahan Efq;
Roger Gale Efq;
Edmund Glenifler Efq;
The Reverend Mr. Gerard de Gols,
Re&or of Sandwich.
The Rev. John Geale M.A. Vicar
of BiJhops-Lydeard in Somerfetibire.
Randolph Greenway jun. of 7ihavies
Inn, Gent.
Capt. Alexander Geddes.
Mr. Thomas Gell.
Mr. Francis Gibfon.
Mr. Francis Gore.
H TIS Grace the Duke of Hamilton.
Hrl, The Right Hon. the Earl of
The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Haddington.
The Right Hon. the Countefs of
Sir Charles lotham, Bar.
Sir Harry Houghton, Bar.
Sir James Hall of Dunglafs, Bar.
Sir Thomas Bruce Hope, Bar.
His Excellency Major Gen. Hunter,
Governor of Jamaica.
His Excellency Col. John Rope, Go-
vernorof Bermudas.
The Hon. Col. Samuel Horfey.
TheHon.Phil.lHoward of Norfolk,Efq;,
Yohn Hedworth Efq;
Mnurice Hunt Efq;
Edward Harley jun. Efq;
Charles Hyett Efq;
Wlliam Hucks Efq;
Hewer Edgley Hewer Efq;
7iempeJf Holmes Efq; Commiflioner of
the Navy.
Henry Harington, of Kelfion inSomer-
fetjhire, Efq;
The Rev. Daniel Hill D.D.
The Rev. Stephen Hales, B.D. F.R.S.'
The Rev. Mr. William Hyde, Vicar
of Sutton in Lincolihire.
The Rev. Mr. John Husband, Vicar
of Tottenham-High-Crofs.
The Rev. Mr. Edward Henwood. i
The Rev. Mr. John Henley.
The Rev. John Higgate M.A.
Wiliam Hillary of Rippon, M.D.
Mr. William Hird of Woodhoufe.
Mr. Benjamin Holloway of Winchefler.
Mr. Henry Hicks of Covent-Garden.
Mr. John Hulls.
Mr. Yohn Howard, Surgeon.
S IR Henry Innes of lnnes, Baronet.
S     Sir Thomas Yones, Kt. Regifter
for the County of Middlefex.
The Hon. James Johnf/on Efq;
John Inglilk Efq; Aflflant Mafler of
the Ceremonies.
Philip )ones Efq; York Herald at Arms'
Charles Jennens Efq;
C'harles Jennens jun. Efq;
William Jones Efq;
T0omas Jones Efq;
William Johnfon Efq;
Pelham Johnflon M.D.
The Rev. Mr. James Jones, Re&or
of Cound.

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