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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the figure of the dromedary,   pp. 36 ff.

Page 36

The Explication of the Fiygre of the D  R  0  M  E D  A R  Y.
IT is reprefcnted in the lower Figure,fo that there-may be feen the lighth
of the Bunch which it has upon the Back, and which is for the molt
p, V t compofcd of long Hair, which ifands upright. There is alfo feen the
fc'ir Kinds of Callofities, which are at the Parts on which it reffs it felf
it ivcs down, vizz. The two Callofities of the Fore-leggs, that of the Thigh,
aivd that of the Breaft.  Its Fect arc likewif fo raifed that they do prefent
a part of the Solc to the Eye.
                           lIn the Vpper Figure.
A. he fir/ and great(f of the four Ventricles.
F. The Oefophagus.
B. The fecond Ventricle.
C. The Third.
D. The Fourth.
E. The Pylorus.
F F F. The fecond Ventricle cut in four.
G. The hole which is the paffage of the fir/I and great Ventricle inte the
h h ii h. l be holes of the ackss, which are between the Coats of thefecond
I. The Glandula Pinealis.
K. The Sole of the Foot, which is Solid, and covered with a very foft and
 L. The tipper Part of the Foot, which is a little Cloven.
 M, The Penis.
 N O. The Tongue.
 0 P. The Part whicskis rough from the injide to the endby reafon of an abundance'
   of little pointed Eminexcies.
 N q. That which has tbc greatefl Eminencies turned after the fame manner
as the
   little ones.
 qp. That which has likewife great Eminencies, but which are turned oppojite
   the little ones.
 q. The Center ofthe great Eminencies.

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