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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. LV. Of mites,   pp. 213-215

Page 213

                    M I C R O G R A P H I A                         2I
between the legs, out of which, on either fide, were many fmall bran-
chingsthefe feem'd to be the veins and arteriesfor that which is analogus
to blood in all Infe~ts is milk-white.
  The belly is covered with a tranfparent fubftance likewife, but more
refembling a fkin then a fhell, for 'tis grain'd all over the belly juft
the skin in the palms of a man's hand, find when the belly is ermpty,grows
very flaccid and wrinkled; at the upper end of this is placed the fto-
mach H Hand perhaps alfo the white fpot I I may be the liver-orpanierew,
which by the perfijaltic4 motion of the guts, is a little mov'd to and fro.,
not with afyfole and dh4ole, but rather with a thronging or juftling
motion. Viewing one of thefe Creattures, after it had fatted two dayes,
all the hinder part was lank and flaccid , and the white fpot I I hardly
mov'd, moft of the white branchings difappear'd, and molt alfo of the
rednef6 or fucked blood in the guts, the peri/laltick motion of which
was fcaice difcemnable; but upon the fifilering it to fuclk, it prefently
fill'd the kin of the belly, and of the fix fcolop'd embofments on either
tide, as full as it could be Ituft; the ftomach and guts were as full as
they could hold; the perifialticl motion of the gut grew quicksand the
jufIling motion of II accordingly; multitudes of milk-white veffkls
feem'd quickly filled, and turgid, which were perhaps the veins and ar-
teries, and the Creature was fo greedy, that though it could not contain
more, yet it continued fucking as faft as ever, and as faft emptying it felf
behind: the digeftion of this Creature mufl needs be very quick, for
though I perceivd the blood thicker and blacker when fuckd, yet,
when in the guts, it was of a very lovely ruby colour, and that part of
it, which was digefted into the veins, feemed white; whence it appears,
that a further digellion of blood may make it milk, at leaft of a refem-
bling colour: What is elfe obfervable in the figure of this Creature, may
be feen by the 3 5. Scheme.
                   Obferv. LV. Of Mites.
fT   He leafi of Reptiles I have hitherto met with, is a Mite, a Creature
  T  whereof there are fome fo very fmall, that the iharpeft fight, un-,
affifted with Glaifs, is not able to ditcern themn, though, being white of
themselves, they move on a black and fmooth furfaca; and the Eggs,
out of which thefe Creatures feem to be hatch'd, are yet fmaller, thofe
being ulually not above a four or five hundredth part of a well grown
Mite, and thofe well grown Mites not much above one hundredth
of an inch in thicknefs; fo that according to this reckoning there may be
no lefs then a million of well grown Mites contain'd in a cubick inch, and
five hundred times as many Eggs.
   Notwithfianding which minutenefs a good AMicrofcope difcovers thofe
fmall movable fpecks to be very prettily fhap'd Infetts, each of them fur-

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