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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

Observ. XXII. Of common sponges, and several other spongie fibrous bodies,   pp. 135-140

Page 135

               MI C ROG RAP H14A.                              J
or 2 985984,c0oc00, and Iuppofing tht produCcion on a Rofc leaf to be
a Plant, we fhall have of tholi Izdhiau Plants to exceed a prodution of
thefame Vegetablekingdom no lefs then iooo times the former number;
fo prodigioutly varicus are the works of the Creator,and fo A i- {uthient
is he to perform what to man would feem unpoffible. they being, both
alike eafie to him, even as one day, a.d a thoufand years are to him as
one and the fame time.
  I have taken notice (of fuch an infinite varicty of thoft firaller kinds
vegetations, that thould I have described every one of them,they would
almoft have fihl'd a Volume,and prov d bigg eitough to have made a new
Herbal, fuch multitudes are there to be found in nioiht hot weather,
efpecially in the Summcr time. on all kind of putrifying fubft. noces, which,
whether they do morc properly belong to the cIjfir of iudJlhro vs or
Modlds, or Mofi I fliali not new difpute, there being fome that iem
more Ipropcr!- of one kind, others of another, their colouts and
magnitudes being as much Oifl~ring as their Figures andP{i ftances.
  Nay, I have obferv'd,that putting fair Wa ter (whethcr RK t in-wateror
Pump-water, or Mfay-dew, or Snow-water, it was almoft all one) I have
often obferv dA I fay, that this Water would, with a little ftand ing, tarnilh
and cover all about the fides of the Glafs that lay under water, with a
lovely green; but though I have often endeavour'd to difcover with my
Microfcope whether this green were like Mofs, or long ftriped Sea-weed,
or any other peculiar form, yet fo ill and inmperfeft ate our Mirrqfcvpes5
that I could not certainly difcriminate any.
  Growing Trees alfo, and any kinds of Woods, Stones, Bones, &,'. that
have been long expos'd to the Air and Rain, will be all over cover'd with
a greenilh fcurffwhich will very much foul and green any kind of cloaths
that are rubb'd againift it 3 viewing this, I could not certainly, perceive
in many parts ofit any detertninate fornitlrough in many I could perceive
a Bed as 'twere of young Mots, but in other parts it look'd alrtot like
green bufhes,and very confus'dbut always ofwhat ever irregular Figures
the parts appear'd of, they Were always green, and fiem'd to be eithee
fome Vegetable, or to have Ibme Tegetating principle.
Obferv. X X, I I. Of common Sponges, andfeveral otber Spongie
   fibrous bodks6
 - A Sponge is commonly reckon'd among the Zooplyt;, or Plant Ani-
 AE mals ; and the texture of it,which the Aficrofrop¢edifcoversj feems
 confirm it; for it is of a formw hereof I never oblerv'd any other Vege-
 table, and indeed,it feems impoliible that any fhotdd be of it, fbr it con-
 fifts ofan infinite number of fiall floitoibres, or nervous parts, much
 the fame bignefs, curioutly jointed or contex'd together in the form
 of a Net, as is more plainly niianifft by the little Draught I have

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