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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America

H. Hot puddings,   pp. [235]-249

Page 236

tying it to the cover with a string. A false bottom in
the kettle, either a piece of slate, an old plate, etc.,
will be advantageous and if through neglect the water
should boil away, the pudding Will not then scorch.
Puddings should cook continuously and uniformly,
replenishing the boilingwater whenever necessary, and
also being cautious not to jar the mould, which is apt
to make the pudding fall.
When cooking puddings in a cloth the latter should
be rinsed in hot water, then wring dry, brush with
butter and dredge with flour as far as the pudding will
cover the cloth. As soon as the pudding is filled into
the cloth tie it tightly with a string, leaving enough
loose cloth for expansion; the water sbould boil vigor-
ously and uninterruptedly, otherwise the pudding will
become heavy and spoil. A mould is always preferable.
Puddings should always be served in a hot dish
during the cold season, or if the kitchen happens to be
at some distance from the dining room, take the pud-
ding out of the mould just before it is set on the table.
All puddings will be best when cooked in a double
2. English Plum Pudding, No. 1. For 12-14 per-
sons use 4 eggs, (the whites beaten to a froth), about
1 pint of sweet crea m, % pound of fine flour, 34pound of
kidney suet,3 pound of nicely washed currants,%pound
of stoned'and finely chopped raisins, 24tablespoonfuls
of sugar, 1 ounce of citron, 1 ounce of orange peel,
Y grated nutmeg, Y wineglassful of rum and a little salt.
If not liked, the orange peel and citron may be
omitted. Stir all well together, put into a mould and
cook for 4 hours. When serving pour arrac or rum
over the pudding, light and bring to the table flaming.
A white cream sauce (see Division R), is very.appro-
For the family table make a plain sauce of butter
rubbed with flour, add boiling water with sugar, cinna-
mon and a little salt, 1 glassful of wine and a dash of
REMARK.-This pudding can be made the day previously, as warming over
in the mould will not hurt it any.
3. English Plum Pudding, No. 2. For 12-14 per-
sons take Y pound of raisins,34poundofcurrants,

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