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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America

F. Fish and shell fish,   pp. [197]-227

Page 227

1-2 yolks of eggs, put the fricassee into a hot dish and
serve with croutons.
83. Lobster Salad with Caviar Sandwiches. This
receipt will be found under Salads, (see Division Q).
84. Crabs. The crabs are put into cold water and
cleaned with a whisk broom. In the meantime heat a
piece of butter in a kettle, pour in a little vinegar, add a
bunch of parsley, pepper and salt, and when the water
boils put in the crabs and stir them a few times. After
about 10-15 minutes they will receive a red color, take
from the fire, put them on a napkin, pile in pyramid
formand garnish with parsley.
85. Fried Oysters. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon
juice on the oysters, add a very little mace, turn in egg
and mace, then in grated crackers and fry in a pan in
hot butter; frying the oysters too long makes them
hard. They can also be baked in butter for a few
Another way is to dry the oysters with a cloth and
sprinkle with wheat flour. Then fry 2 small onions in
butter until light brown, fry the oyters in this for a
few seconds, sprinkle vwith salt and pepper and drop
over them a few drops of lemon juice.
86. OysterStew. Open a few dozen oysters, cut off
the beards, sprinkle with lemon juice, put the beards of
the oysters together with the liquor and pepper, mace
and lemon peel into a stew pan, let it boil for half an
hour, thicken the broth with flour lightly browned, add
1 cupful of thick sweet cream and stir the broth until
thick. Heat the oysters in this and serve immediately.
87. Fish Pudding. See Puddings, No. 41.
Boiled trout, pike-perch, pike and oysters are the
only kinds of fish that should be served to invalids.
With these fish serve only a butter sauce, which is
stirred with a few yolks of eggs and seasoned with a
little lemonjuice, or fresh butter stirred to a cream; a
Bechamel- or Hollandaise sauce can also be served.

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