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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America

F. Fish and shell fish,   pp. [197]-227

Page 226

226         F.-FiSH AND SHELL FISH.
boil according to size from 0-15 minutes, if"very large
15-20-minutes; leaveit in the-water15 minutes longer
to'cool, and after taking it out brush with a piece of
pork fat or good olive oil, which will give it a bright
appearance. Before serving, split it lengthwise into two
pieces and cut it crosswise into smaller pieces, breakthe
claws so that the meat can be easily taken out, put the
pieces together so that it will have its, original form,
and garnish with parsley leaves.
Serve the lobster warm with butter, chopped parsley
and a' lemon cut into 8 pieces. When the lobster is
brought to the table cold, serve it'with'olive oil, wine
vinegar and parsley.
81. American Lobster. After the lobster is cooked
as given under No. 80, take off the meat, cutthemeat
from the tail into slices and the meat from the claws
into small pieces, and stew both for Y hour in a sauce
made as follows: Stew a few eschalota in butter, add 1
cupful of white wine, take 6 tomatoes, stew and then
pass them through a sieve and then stir through it 1
cupful of brown sauce. Season the sauce with.cayenne
pepper, stew the meat and fill the dish in such a manner
that the larger pieces of the lobster form a border
around the smaller pieces heaped in the center,. A
border of rice around the whole is very delicious.
82. Lobster Fricassee with Fish Balls and Asparagus.
Take fat young spring chickens, clean and boil them in
not too much salted Water with a piece of butter and
mace, skimming carefully. About Y hour before they
ate done add some cleaned andparboiled asparagus.
When the chickens are done,.cut all the meatinto cubes,
pour the broth with a little fat over this, put in the
asparagus, cover, and set aside in a warm place. In
the remaining broth-cook some fish dumplings (see
Division 0) which are put with the asparagus. Then
stir as much flour and butter as is needed to a fricassee
sauce, let it cook, and pour the chicken broth to it;
cook for Y2hour and strain through a fine sieve. This
saue is put intoa riseddish with the mueat of the
chicken, asparagus and dumplings and cooked for afew
minutes, add the lobster pieces, which must not boil
again, take the dish from the stove, stir the saucewith

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