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Bahr, Gisela E. (ed.) / Communications from the International Brecht Society
Vol. II No. 2 (March, 1973)

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(cont' d)
Knust, Herbert. "Brechts braver Schwejk". PMLA (Summer, 1973)
"Brechts Dialektik vom Fressen und von der Moral".
Brecht Heute/Brecht Today III (1973)
"Brechts Lux in Tenebris". Monatshefte (Summer, 1973)
White, A.D. "Brecht's Quest for a Democratic Theater".
Theatre Quarterly (London) Vol. II No. 5 (Jan.-March)
7729 65-60U
An Interdisciplinary Journal of German Studies
NEW GERMAN CRITIQUE is a socialist journal of studies
in modern German society, culture, politics, and theory.
It will contain articles and reviews contributing to an
informed discussion of problems among different disciplines
concentrating on German society and thought. A number of
themes and directions will be developed which will define
the politics and theoretical intent of the journal. Some
of these will be: Theories of fascism, alienation under
capitalism and socialism, labor history, the Brecht-Lukacs
debate, political economy of the BDR and the DDR, technology
and the division of labor, and problems of children's
literature, education, theater, etc.
We plan to begin publication in December, 1973. The
themes for the first four numbers are: Culture and Ideology,
East Germany, Universities in Crisis, and The Labor Move-
ment & Working Class Culture. Anyone interested in con-
tributing articles or reviews, please contact:
German Department
P.O. Box 413
U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wis 53201
Editors: David Bathrick, Jack Zipes, Anson Rabinbach

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