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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America
Davidis Studies (2002)

Introductory directions,   pp. [XLIV]-XLVIII

Page XLV

The THIRDrule is: Care and deliberation. All cook-
ing should be put on the stove at'the proper moment-
neither too early nor too late. The size of the kettles
or other utensils should always be adapted to the quan-
tity of whatever is to be cooked; this is'particularly
essential in cooking meats.-The fire must becarefully
attended to, so that the cooking will proceed uniformly
and the food neither be scorched nor served half-done.
The FOURTH rule is, to have all ingredients and
materials necessary for the preparation of your dishes
ready and handy before you commence cooking, so that
nothing need be hurriedly done and you have abundant
time to cook everythingproperly and can send it to the
table nicely and orderly. Many excellent dishes are
spoiledi when improperly served. Plenty of hot water
should always be ready while you are cooking in case
any is needed for replenishing purposes; it is also better
to warm platters, plates, etc., in hot water than to do
this on the stove orin the oven, because they are not
so liable to discolor or crackle.
In the following receipts the various quantities of
each ingredient to be used have been given as accurately
as possible, but the proportion of salt for each dish
could not, in all cases, be definitely indicated; it.would
also be impossible to have scales and measures always
at hand in order to minutely determine how much of
this or the other article should be taken. Practice. will
soon enable the painstaking cook to judge correctly in
regard to these particular matters of detail. Spices
should, generally speaking, be used in accordance with
the taste of those who are to partake of the dishes, but,
on the whole, the directions given in the receipts should
be adhered to. Pepper should always be added with
caution, because its overabundant use is deleterious to
health, especially for children. For the same reason,
nutmegs and cloves should be used as sparingly as
possible. Every dish should of course be properly
spiced, but too much spicing must always be avoided.

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