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The German language in America, 1683-1991


Salmons, Joe, 1956-, Editor
The German language in America, 1683-1991
ISBN 0924119616
(Studies of the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, 1993)
Madison, Wisconsin: Max-Kade Institute, 1993
viii, 337 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

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[Cover] The German language in America, 1683-1991, Salmons, Joe, 1956- pp. [unnumbered]-[ii]

[Title page] The German language in America, 1683-1991, pp. [iii]-[iv]

Contents, pp. [v]-vi

Introduction, Salmons, Joe, 1956- pp. vii-viii

[Dedication] This volume is dedicated to Lester W. J. 'Smoky' Seifert

German in contact with Native American languages: the Moravians, 1742-1782, Davis, Garry W. pp. [1]-15

The diary of a German country parson in colonial Georgia, Wilson, Renate, 1930-; Nolte, Peter pp. [16]-37

Sprachinselsoziolinguistik: Beobachtungen und Überlegungen an deutschsprachigen Sprachinseln, Mattheier, Klaus pp. [38]-61

The dynamics of language maintenance and assimilation: the German language in Alberta, Prokop, Manfred, 1942- pp. [62]-76

The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas: factors in language maintenance and shift, Velde, John R. te pp. [77]-103

Betwixt and between: the tension of language contact in Iowa's Amana colonies, Webber, Philip E., 1944- pp. [104]-123

Osthessisch (Fuldisch) in den Bundesländern Wisconsin und Illinois: Morphologie des Verbsystems einer donauschwäbischen Mundart aus Mucsi/Mutsching (Ungarn), Gommermann, Andreas pp. [124]-137

A Russian-German settlement dialect in Kansas: Plautdietsch in south central Kansas, Keel, William pp. [138]-157

Structural aspects of the Volga German dialect of Schoenchen, Kansas, Johnson, D. Chris pp. [158]-187

German immigration and the development of regional variants of American English: using contact theory to discover our roots, Howell, Robert B. pp. [188]-212

'Germanizing' commercial America, Moehle-Vieregge, Linda, 1954- pp. [213]-224

More German loanwords from the Dictionary of American regional English, Von Schneidemesser, Luanne, 1945- pp. [225]-249

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The development and survival of the German language in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Seifert, Lester Wilhelm Julius, 1915-1996 pp. [322]-337 ff.


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