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Brecht in Asia and Africa = Brecht in Asien und Afrika


Fuegi, John, et al., Editor
Brecht in Asia and Africa = Brecht in Asien und Afrika
ISSN 0734-8665
(The Brecht Yearbook, XIV)
[Hong Kong?]: [University of Hong Kong], 1989
v. 14 ; iii. 209 p. ; ill. ; 23 cm.

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[Cover] Brecht in Asia and Africa: The Brecht Yearbook XIV

[Half-title] Brecht in Asia and Africa: Brecht in Asien und Afrika

[Title page] Brecht in Asien und Afrika: Brecht-Jahrbuch XIV

The International Brecht Society


Introduction, Tatlow, Antony; Fuegi, John pp. i-iii ff.

A brief account of Brechtian reception in China, Huang, Zuolin pp. 1-4

Greetings from Japan to the International Brecht Society, Senda, Koreya pp. 5-8

The context of change in East Asian theatre, Tatlow, Antony pp. 9-12

Brecht and the paradigm change, Tatlow, Antony pp. 13-29

Brecht is at home in Asia: a report on the IBS symposium in Hong Kong, December 1986, Weber, Carl pp. 30-46

Brecht and the current transformation of the theatre in China, Chen, Yong pp. 47-53

Brecht's drama and the modern Chinese stage, Xue, Dianjie pp. 54-59

Brecht and the Chinese theater in the eighties, Li, Jianming pp. 60-68

Paradigmenwechsel - auch in China; Neue Chancen für Brecht auch auf chinesischen Bühnen?, Schlenker, Wolfram pp. 69-79

Characteristics of narration: Brecht and Pingtan, Li, Jiayao pp. 80-86

Die Brecht-Rezeption in Japan aus dem Aspekt der Theaterpraxis, Iwabuchi, Tatsuji pp. 87-100

Brecht in Pakistan, Dessaive, Mariam pp. 101-106

Brecht in Hindi: the poetics of response, Dalmia-Lüderitz, Vasudha pp. 107-121

Brecht's relevance: a Thai perspective, Nagavajara, Chetana pp. 122-133

Brecht and the Philippines: anticipating freedom in theater, Torres, Maria Luisa F. pp. 134-154

First world industry and third world workers - the struggle for a workers' theater in South Africa, von Kotze, Astrid pp. 155-167

Wasn't Brecht an African writer?: Parallels with contemporary Nigerian drama, Richards, Sandra L. pp. 168-185

Book reviews: Bertolt Brecht: Leben des Galilei. Dramatik der Widersprüche, Knust, Herbert pp. 186-187

The political language of film and the avant-garde, Lellis, George p. 188

Caspar Neher: Brecht's designer, Fuegi, John p. 189

Brechts Theorie des Theaters, Kruger, Loren pp. 190-197

Bertolt Brecht: Epoche-Werk-Wirkung, Nussbaum, Loreen pp. 198-201

Brecht's poetry: a critical study; Hollywood und Buckow: Politisch-ästhetische Strukturen in den Elegien Brechts; Bertolt Brechts Buckower Elegien , Licher, Edmund pp. 201-207

Books received, pp. 208-209 ff.


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