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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America

Introductory directions,   pp. [XLIV]-XLVIII

Page [XLIV]

Introductory Directions.
The proper preparation of our food should never be
considered of secondary importance, even if regarded
from a purely hygienic standpoint only. Every young
girl, no matter what her station in life may be, should
attain sufficient proficiency in this necessary accom-
plishment to enable her either to take charge of her
kitchen herself, or, where this may not be imperative, to
exercise that control over her subordinates which is
always a part of the duties of a thorough ousewife,
and so necessary to keep expenses within bounds and
to have the table well served.
The FIRSTessential rule to be observed in order to
achieve the best results in cooking, is scrupulous clean-
liness. This consists in having the hands, the kitchen,
all of the utensils and the table-ware perfectly clean,
and also in being careful to rinse and freshen your
vegetables thoroughly.
TheSECONDrule is: Economy. An extravagant use
of sugar, butter, and spices does not make your dishes
any more palatable, but on the contrary, it detracts
from their perfection, is unwholesome, and often spoils
much-that would otherwise be excellent food. Economy
consists further in utilizing all odds and ends which can
be used for our nutrition, and finally in a practical
disposal of remnants of dishes which have once appeared
on the table and oftentimes make a pleasing addition
to our bill of fare, when skillfully prepared in another

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