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Bahr, Gisela E. (ed.) / Communications from the International Brecht Society
Vol. II, No. 2 (March, 1973)

Letters to the editor,   pp. 12-[13] PDF (568.0 KB)

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On Saint Joan
A forty page booklet has been compiled by Professor
Darko Suvin for the performance of SAINT JOAN OF THE
STOCKYARDS at McGill University this March. It contains
a translation of eight poems by Brecht, two essays of his
on SAINT JOAN and A MAN'S A MAN, and of his story "If Sharks
Were Men"; also illustrations, essays by Strehler, Wekwerth,
and Barthe* the entire minutes of the Darmstadt City Council
session in 1935, which banned the performance of SAINT JOAN;
and 11 pages of extracts from criticism 1932 to 1970 on and
around the play, from 25 critics, such as Dort, Schumacher,
Reich, Jhring, Rischbieter, Demange, Demetz, etc. but also
Ford, Rockefeller, etc.
IBS members can receive the booklet, as long as the
supply lasts, by sending one U.S. or Canadian dollar (which
is simply the cost of printing and handling) IN CASH to
Ms Mary Papke
4742 Grosvenor Avenue
Westmount, Montreal, Que.
Please enclose a typed return address slip also.
Presentational Theater
"In answer to A. Tatlow's quest in the Newsletter:
The terms 'presentational' and 'representational' were
coined by Alexander Bashky, The Path of the Modern Russian
Stage and other Essays. London 1t97
Henry Glade
The German Quarterly
It is tentatively planned to devote part of the
November issue of The German Quarterl to Bertolt Brecht
- depending on the   mber and kind of articles that will
have been submitted by the deadline : June 1st, 1973.
Potential contributors may want to contact the Quarterly's
Interim Editor:     Professor Frank G. Ryder
Dept. of German Literature
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va 22901

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