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Bahr, Gisela E. (ed.) / Communications from the International Brecht Society
Vol. II, No. 2 (March, 1973)

[Work in progress, etc.],   pp. 10-11 PDF (381.5 KB)

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Glade, Henry. Brecht in the Soviet Union. Book-length
study, 1974
Knust, Herbert. "Die Stiefvater des Josef Schwej k", 1973
"Schwejk und kein Ende", 1973
B erckman, Edward M. The Nature and Function of Hope in
the Theater of Bertolt Brecht. Humanities Dept.
Oklahoma State University. September, 1972
Nguyen Dinh Quang. Das vietnamesische Theater und Bertolt
Brecht. Humboldt-Universitat, Bereich Theaterwissen-
schaft. Berlin, 1975
Spinoza, Christiane. Bertolt Brecht und die marxistische
Literaturtheorie. Versuch einer Dokumentation. Facult6
des Lettres, University de Provence. 1972
Brecht, Bertolt. Arbeitsjournal 1938-1955, hrg. von Werner
Hecht. 3 vols. Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp Verlag 1973
Dialogues d'exiles. Paris: L'Arche 1972  (A new
edition, with additional material not included in
the previous edition)
Ecrits sur le thbitre 1. Paris: L'Arche 1972
The Great Art of Living Together. Poems on the
Theatre. Transl. by John Berger and Anna Bostock.
Bingley: Granville Press 1972. (Not for sale in USA)
Glade, Henry. "'Germanistics' in the Soviet Union During
1971?". Russian Literature Triquarterly No. 3 (Spring)
1972, 457-464
Lithy, Herbert. Fahndung nach dem Dichter Bertolt Brecht.
Zrich: Verlag der Arche 1972 (Revised reprint of
two essays from the collection Nach dem Untergang
des Abendlandes, 1964: "Fahndung nach dem Dichter
Bertolt Brecht", 1952, and "Abschied vom armen B.B."
1956, with a new foreword)
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