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Davidis, Henriette, 1801-1876 / Pickled herring and pumpkin pie: a nineteenth-century cookbook for German immigrants to America

G. Rare dishes of various kinds,   pp. [228]-234

Page [228]

G.-Rare Dishes of Various
1. Turtle Soup. Mediumsized turtles are better
than the very large ones, because the meat of the latter
isusuallytough. The day before theturtle is cooked,
hang it up by the hind legs and as soon as it puts out
its head, cut it off ; then let it bleed for about 4 hours,
lay on a meat board, cut the under side all around
from the shell and empty carefully, cut away the gall
bag which is attached to the liver. The liver and heart,
also the eggs if there are any, are laid in fresh water.
After the turtle is emptied cut the forefeet with quite a
piece of the flesh from each side, and smaller pieces from
the hind feet. The fins are cut off and the feet and the
under side scalded in boiling water, so that the skin can
be taken off. It is not advisable to cook the turtle
whole, as it is very slimy and has quite a strong flavor.
Wash'the meat carefully, lay for a few hours in cold
water, changing the water frequently, and then hang
up the meat over night to let it air. The next day put
the heart and meat with some thin beef bouillon on
the stove to cook, (the bouillon can be made the day
before), with the necessary salt, skim carefully and put
into the broth a bunch of tarragon and thyme, finely
chopped onions and a bottle of white wine, and let the
meat cook in this until done. Then take the meat out
of the broth, and after it is cold cut it into long, neat
pieces. The liver is not cooked with it, butisstewedin
butter until tender, then cut into pieces and laid into
the tureen.

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