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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

[Suits and dresses],   pp. 25-46 PDF (11.0 MB)

Page 40

c        YOUR                          /
and    arent the COLORS              lovely
$T98                                         COO     F
45 281 3 538
4 5 442-Fast-color and       -,,49             '4       *
cool: Eyeleembridered
batiste Dres made with
the sel/-cdor embroider:
which bespeaks quality!
Note the jabota and th-
adrolt skirt seaming. a'd
the full bell sleeves.
COOIRS:Peach show,    .
linen-blue. lavender
white. SIZLS: 31b to
bust. Lengths: 47 to L2
Post. 1s     $3.98
3 S 535--One of the er,
smartest Ensembles of
the season in weighted
All-Silk Flat Crepe: a
printed Drems with sbor
sleeves.  pleated  in!-
and fagot.d "" neckli
AND a useful solid-c
Coat In Redingote sty!
COLORS: Printed Dr'
with navy blue coat
pietured; or black dr.
with a white-and-gre
plnt and a black ca'
BlZES: 38 to 58 but,
Lerth about 51 inch-
Wide hem on dren. Our
low price for Eneemble
$14.95 14t :x.
3 S 53&-" oat only. See
.    '1... $7.95
3 S 537-Dress orly. See
c,    and $7.95
Postate 12i each etr..
Dark Foulard
3j 3 S 538-Scalloped  capelet
sleeves make this Dress of
7 !    lovely All-Silk Foulard un.
usual in style and slenderness.
IR F % s  Flower on shoulder gives
37 you added height; box pleat
95 in front skirt. Lace vestee.
Colors: Navy (pictured)
orAT or black, each with white
print. Sizes: 38 to 58 bust
rneas. Length about 51 ins.
1 id hem   x.. $.
/   -3
- -~
Fi..J~  -  4
Be Cool and Slim
3 S 541-This very exquisite
II Is is of a line, smooth,
wcighted All-Silk Georgette
( repe which flows over your
figure as softly as a Summer
breeze, making you feel and
look slim and young!
Because of the decorative
flower print, the dress needs
for trimming  only Its soft
shoulder-shirring and Jabot
and flower. Sll) of weighted
all-silk flat crepe to match
the background is attached to
a white silk georgette yoke.
COLORS: Navy with print
as pictured; also black or
brown, each with white print.
SIZS: 38 to 58 bust mets.
Length about 51 ins. Price,
Dress andi i: $8.95
Post. 12  sat.  p~*
40        LANE BRYANT will fill your order promptly and accurately. Satisfaction guaranteed or MONEY REFUNDED

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