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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

[Suits and dresses],   pp. 25-46 PDF (11.0 MB)

Page 25

Here's the World's Most Famous
devoted        &e        to YOU
Choose from over EIGHTY
of the Smartest New Styles
Without Once being told
5Sorr.y, Noe ;i, Yo Z/. Size'
I       'A L
YOURE        stepping, this   v      moment, into
the "front door" of the most      amous and most
completely-stocked STOUT WOMEN'S Dress
Department in the worldl Without moving from
your chair ... and with only a Flip of your wrist as
you turn page after page ... you're about to shop
from the smartest new styles of Spring and Summer.
You're going to see over EIGHTY beautiful
dresses, and every one is provided in YOUR SIZE,
whether you wear "38," "58" or a size in between.
And not once, during your entire fascinating
trip through this tremendous Dress Department, is
anyone going to say to you politely but firmly,
what you're so tired of hearing in the ordinary dress
department, "Sorry, madam, NOT in your size."
It's a PRIVILEGE to be Stout
with Service Like This . . . .
Over EIGHTY different styles is a record, even For usI It
means that more and mome thman.ds of smart, stout women are
constantly discovering the magic of LANE BRYANT.
The more individual tastes there are to pie , the more
varieties there must bal ... And so now it's really a PRIVILEGE
to lave a full or stately isme when you can have service like thisI
Come-let us show you the newest styles, inspired by Paris
and New York-id adepted with the skil of over 30 years'
experience, just for YOU ... a collection that Includes-
Over 50 different types of beautiful fabricsi
Over 55 different fattering neckline treatmaetal
Over 45 different prints of distinctive designi
Over 20 differant trimming materials
Over 25 different ideas in Jacket CostumesI
Over 20 dilferent secrets, in skirt seamingi
Over 15 different "ricks up or SLEEVESI"
-and many different prices, all amazingly lowl
Whether you've never before experienced the
marvelous satisfaction, fit and economy to be found
in LANE BRYANT'S famous Dress Department
(devoted entirely to you) or whether you're one of
our many thousands of "old customers," these new,
greater-than-ever varieties hold new thrills for youl
Pictured in Our
"Magazine Ads"
3 S 76-The old saying that "one
picture is worth ten thousand
words'-has a lot of truth in it.
This beautiful Dress of weighted
All-Silk Flat Crepe sums up our
whole story at a glance!
We liked this dress so much
ourselves that we featured it in
our Magazine Ads. It deserves the
glory-for it's a perfect example of
the fit, flattery, style and savings
you always find in this "world's
Most Famous Dress Department
-devoted entirely to you."
The material is an unusually
heavy, rich, long-wearing quality
that falls smoothly into the soft,
slenderizing lines of this dress,
from its well-fitting and roomy
shoulders, down to the hem of its
graceful front-pleated skirt.
And what BALANCE the whole
dress hast See how evenly the two
skilfully shaped jabots meet just
in the center . .. how cleverly the
elbow-covering, cool bell sleeves
ripple to match jabots, and have
the same smart fagoting, too. *
Deep, crossed vestee combines
a V-neck and a surplice line-and
speaking of the vestee, see its
soft crinkly surface?-that's the
fashionable Matelass4-a soft. r
rayon material, which gives I
a lovely glow to your face.
Just see what a slim, yo
waist-line you'll have, too- .
part of the waist below the jabots
ties around in back, sash-fashion,
snugly or loosely as you wish.
It's a dress that will suit you
perfectly whether you're a short,
average, or tall stout woman.
COLORS: Navy, platinum gray,
or black, each with white vestee;
or ALL-WHITE. SIZES: 38 to 58
bust. Lengths: 47 to 52 inches.
Wide hem. Our price,    $  &9
Postage 120 extra.
In WHITE, we recommend this
dress for the officers and members
of the Order of the Eastern Star,
and other social organizations.
3 5 766
LANE BRYANT -Specialist in Slenderizing Apparel for Stout Women-39th St. at FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK

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