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The style book of slenderizing fashions: spring and summer 1935

[Hosiery],   pp. 20-23 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 20

'.a         Wears Well
18S 235  'i'- <-i:on    will just "ll the bill"
I you want an extra-size style that looks drerry
yet wears well. We've made it of Genuine Thread
Rlik in service weigbt. Fashioned, and knit to fit.
Seamed back with fashioning marks. Merceilsed
cotton double garter top and reinforcement on the
inade of the toe, sote and French heel. Seamles
soles. Ravel stop in top. (COL.oRS: lutteracotch
beige. sand-beige. haselnut brown. dus-beige,
dark gun-meLtal, light gun-metal, black or white.
SIZES: 9 to 1l. Our price. per pair ....
Postage 2i extes. 790
2 Ffor S       1 5  3t
"Dictionary" of the New
and how to blend them with
Spring and Summer Clothes
This dictionary or chart describes for
you the actual color values of the
smart new hose shades, as offered in
Lane Bryant SILK stockings, whether
all-silk or part-silk. Our advice on
"what to wear with what" is based, of
course, on highest fashion authority.
SAND-BEIGE: Our tightest shade In the
tan family; especially smart with pastels.
light prints, natural colors and white.
teige, good with blues, greens, browns, rust.
tan, black, and with darker prints.
NEUTRAL TAN: A "wear-with-everything"
color: very pretty with white. passet. tan,
brown, navy blue, black and dark colors.
SUN TAN: The shade of sun-tanned skin
with a golden glow; blends beautifully with
bright colors, browns and beiges. and is
particularly smart with white and pastels.
DUST-BEIGE: A medium light gray with a
tan cask (in other words, a light "taupe '1;
gocs with all graYtsh colors light or dark.
also with navy and black and all taupes.
HAZELNUT BROWN: A light soft brown;
hiends with all browns, rust, beige, tweedy
mixtures, green, navy and all bright colors.
FAWN TAUPE: Medium tanpewith brownish
-st; excellent for wear with all taupes of
thb' brownish type: also splendid with wiln.
br:wn. green, navy blue or black.
TAUPEBROWN: Our darkest shade In the
brown family; goes equally well with black
,r brown: also wine, navy, or dark green.
LIGHT GUN-METAL: A medium gray with
an antique pewter tinge; very flattering
for stout legs. Wear with dark blues, gray,
green, dark taupe, wine or black.
DARK GUN-METAL: A very dark gray
with a strong hint of black: smart with ALL
dark shades;extremely flattering and popular.
BLACK or WHITE: always popular-In an
exceptionally wide selection of styles.
P.S. Our Cstton Hoae coos     a  not in
this chart, but are asl u         lbndletndable
18 S 260--Good strong quality, lore-priced,
extra-size Stocking of Genuine Thread Silk
In service weight-a hooe that will give
you long service and real comfort. Seamed
back with fashioning marks. Narrow French
heel- No seam in soles to "burn" your fee,.
Ravel stop. Double garter top, lower heel
and toe are of mercerized cotton.
COLORS: Dust-beige, hazelnut brown,
sand-twige, light gun-metal. buttersactch
eicgc, dark gun-botal or black. SIZES: 9
to 11. Nw low prlc:, ler pir .
Postage 2rextra. 59
18 S 7-Years of measuring etout egs has
taught us exactly wchere extra width is
needed. That's why these ull-fashioned,
extra-size Hose fit so well. Of Genuine
Silk; service weight. Double garter tops
and reinforcements are of mercerized lisle.
French heels. COLORS: Hutterscotch beige,
hazelnut brown, light gun-metal, (lark
gun-metal, sand-bege, dust-beige, black or
white. SIZES: 9 to 11. Pair...
Postage 20 extra. 79t
B:II (" 2 11 P7 r $1.50        %::.
18 S 102
IS S 214
 Here you hn1
the Gothas Gonl
St ric, always
Iamous as a rnark
of quality, in
an extra-se iso*' designed to sheath
vour lisbesmoothly. Full-fashionedand
of Genuine Thread Silk. Pleoted double
garter top. Ravel stop. ('O)ItH: LAght
cun-metal. dust-beige, hazelnut brown.
,aod-belge. sun tan, dark gur:n-etal or
whit SIZER: . to 119. Towehts.
18SI02-Hfeavy service wci:lt Sil.
with lower heel, toe, sole awd lart-r
tnop of mercerized lisle . 1   E35
Postage 2d extra. ..U
18 S 214- of very clear, she r 001i
* $rht. Garter top, beel. sole and ton
reinforced faide with lile. Our very
I,,- ipore, per lair is only.. $1.
Postage 2U extra. V1    .
Never Bind
Sunh bdened comfort for women  or
have stout legs! Well-wearing and
sturdy, extra-lsize Hose inede of
All-Ravon or Genuine Silk, ea-h
with elastic-knit, mercerized li1h
tops that stretch with ease and yet
never bind: and they fit your leg
somoothly without appearing bulky.
Service weight. Seamed backs with
fashioning marks.  Seamulesa soles
for confort.  Strongly reinforced.
ClOILRS: Fawn taupe, sand-beige,
hazelnut brown, light gun-metal,
Iark gun-metal. SIZES: 911 to It.
18 S4-AII-Rayon. Fine value at
our low price. Per pair...  LO
Postage 2U extra. Ut9
18 55;-GenuIne Silk. Fine value
at our low price. Pair... 7alb
Portage 2 extra. e9t
18S240                   FULL
HEAVY                FASHIO      D
Our Famous                                                ..
NN I: srt:.:d out with just one "Dollar 1Ione" and it was such a sureess that we added another and th1au
thi s-;-n we've julst added still a third one t: this fanous dollar grpup. They're the best hm! vah~e
thlat one dollar can buy -they're of (enuine Silk, proportloned in extrasre to fit the stout leg with
com:fort and slimming effect. Available in a wide range of the smartest colors for Spring and Summer.
18S 240-Extra-size, Dollar       18S191-Extra-ize Dollar Hose     18S 8-Extra-ize Doilar Hose
H:,se, full-fashioned of genuine  full-fashioned of Genuine Thread  In extra-heavy, service-welght.
Thread Silk In heavy service    Silk: cear, chiffon weight. Silk   Genuine Silk: with elastIc-knIt
weight. Picoted double garter   from toti to toe. Te picot-edged   tops that stretch  with ease,
top. lower heel, sole and toe of  garter top, sole, heel and toe are  Shaped to Il: s'amed iack with
nercerized lisle. Narrow French  reinforced on the inside. French  fashioning marks: elastic-ribbed
heel Is unusually graceful.     heel,  A beautiful stocking that  tops and reinforcents arc nf
COLORS: Hazelnut brown;      will make your legs look slimmer.  mercerized lisle. Seamiess soles.
fawn taupe: dust-beige; sand-   COLORS: Sand-betge, dust-beige,      COLORS: Hazelnut brow:,
beige; sun tan: light gun-inetal:  hazeinut brown, sun tan, dark  sun tan, light gn-metal or dark
dark gun-unetal: black. SIZE'S:  gun-metal or black. SiZE:S:  to   gun-metal. SIZES: 9 ti 11. A
if,, to I. Per pair, $          i   l'rce, lair.  $10                vl. Par.. $1.00
18r.  S0 191ixtraals Dola Hosea
P..tfrom to1 to o.                     The $phot   0ldged     a
20        LANE BRYANT will fill your order promptly and accurately. Satisfaction guaranteed or MONEY REFUNDED

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