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Mother's-home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

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Consisting of a handsome 2-inch post Brass
Bed, and    a 45-lb. Mattress covered         in French
Art ticking; a gray enameled Link Fabric Spring;
a fine quality full-sized Bed Sheet; 2 com-
fortable, Sanitary Pillows, and 2 hem-
med Pillow Cases.
Order by No. A-400 $1.00
cash-$3.50 a month.
Price Complete
Cth spring4is-rein*
forced in the center
and has a 4-inch
elevation above the
bed rails-which gives
it the appearance
and comfort of a r
box spring.
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thing to make your home complete; everything at bargoin prices
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whoe year in which topay-and your msoney back atonce-togeth-
er with freight charges both ways-ifenot absolutel vsatisfied!'You
take absolutely nor rik-and save money on every atticle you buy.
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This complete brass bed outfit shipped to your home on so days' free trial. Send for this brass rock - bottom price we are offering. Just read the description. Remember, you get the
bed andl complete outfit, see it in your own home, keep it for so days. All you pay is $1.00 - complete outfit for so days' free trial. We guarantee to refund your m oney yif you
not another cent -until you have tried this bed outlit in yosirown home for so days. Take     are not absolutely satisfied.  Don't wait.   Don't let this chance slip by.       Send the
advanstage of this offer now. You will never be able to get a value like this again at the coupon today-NO W I WONDERTLINK FABRICBED SPEING. This splendid spring iosn.
*EammUmEEUUUmEUUUUsEEUEUEUEmEUEEUa!ES THE BED is one of tbe handsomest designs we have ever seen. It has structed of heavy gsuge Garvey Wishbone patented steel link fshric with
"  M'  "  "*                                        2 in. posts, 4 in. caps, 1 in, top rail and 1 in.fillers. Bed standsi5in. high  % in, strap edge. Each link is securely locked acd interjoined. Thefabrie
.rIS 1HHtre40,Dept. 2101                              U    at head end and 36 in. high at foot end. Besutifully ribbon banded and  is supported at each end by 29 oil-tempered helical springs which pro-
State, Archer and 19th Sts., Chicago, Ill.                    satin finished. Guaranteed scid-proof lacquer, will not tarnish or wear  duces a very resilient effect. The angle iron side rails are bowed to give
S off. The bed alone is a wonderful valse at the price we are asking for  spring a 4 in. elevation. Angle rail adds greatly to its strength and dura-
Enclosed find $1.00. ShIp advertised Complete Brass Bed OutfitNo. A400. *  the entire outit. Full size: 4 feet 6Cinches.          bility. Entire surface of springand linkfabrictop enameldrnhry
I sam to have 30 days' free trial. If I keep the nutfit I will pay you $3.50 a *  45 LB. MATTRESSis wonderfully comfortable, sanitary and hygienic.  STERtLINGHBRANDPILLOWS. very eerviceablepillowscoontainingae-
month. If notsatslled lIam to return the complete bed ostfit within 30days * It is a mattreso that will issre heathful, restful and refreshing sleep lected double dusted hen feathers, steam dresoed and cured. Thoroughly
and you are to refund my mosey and any freight charges I paid. U and will alway, retain ito shope and cosfort giving qualities. It isclean and guaranteed odorless. Encased in good ticking,anttractive finral
o No. A400-$1.00 down, $3.50 par month. Complete price. $41.95     offra art tickig,e serl sttched dad deel tufted. Full 45 lb to  ym. PILLD  CASS to matchdaheet,nchnewom.o Splendidqualiy
Nae.......................,S                                              n                  h                      o            p           n        a            d         $
Address.....................                                    ttou   n w    ilreudyurI        ndfegt hre bt         as.Pyte      aac i    h   as    otlypy
Pa                 eote                                        a          at                  e
L          is
**** * *** * ***** --4
*************** g****
Ths  spin     isrin
Sende the Coupo andt$1
it toe usadwawlpeunpor$.0enaregtcarerohwasaanteblnccnteeaymnhlea-
ment                                                ifmor  you araaife .C udayofrb    arr     edt  ecu   o  o a      a eavnaeo      hsbgofr                 N
* ~      ~n Fisha Furntur  Co.y Stte Arche  an19hts.De     t     CcalgJol.h .onl .want .latet .ba .ga ...atalog..s....  ....  ......... ...
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