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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Withey, Elizabeth A.
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Page 37

The Ladies' Homte Journal for Julie 19 03
'It JMak es Musicianis of Us All."
HAPPINESS enters the home with the
Every member of the famiiy becomes not
only on interested listener, but an intelligent
performer by ito aid. It enabieu anybody to
piay the piano in an artiotic manner.
The desire for an automatic piano player iu
now almost universal. To choose a player
intelligently. pe ruona ily try them ali. Try
the SIXPLEX first or try it laut, ond note its
points of excellence and attractive features.
Constructed  o n scientific principles, yet
simple and lasting.
The Si NiPLIOX is ,oaoitfa t,,ed with a iew'to
QUJALITY and DUIljlABI LITY of ea, eca-h
cal part. Only hiest itossiltie .,aterials tosedi
attd tte Ihighest orier of skilledl lab or etsployed.
Et ry S,-Pttlrrios Gur'an te.ed and, ill last a lifetitte.
Price   $250.        'Agnci- e in ll
THEODORE P. BROWN, Manufacturer
33 May St., Worceoter, Maoo.
.r  A.. .Ss
sc  ,re  tg.. t(I fC or. r.,  tr
sc th rl g ry gill i ,tttb i  o
The Eaton-Hurlbut
lite ot\%ioae   ttiplechcl,,eefrttiuthe imotst
at:ie i N e Cpatiersee r titde.
e e  ttttttg thetl dest tandl best khissn
itt trst factuttre r. i rit intg piper. in the
c ttitttry. "Made itt Berkhire "Itas been
a sytnotnymfttr gtotttlpaper fttr yeatr.
,vety gtttd dealer carries rt,,tr papers. If
youttr dealer doest't, settd his ntaime, atnd v e
wvill sentd yttt samples of exclttsive papters
for selectiotn.
Pittsfield, Mass
For $2 001 wsil srnd yoo postpaid, insa handsome
sotis fished casr, 2 quires of the ftoest note
lisp e, o which 3H'oar mooogram or same a,,d
,d'Iresswtillhr mhos5sed from an egraved seel
la] te. This prior ittcludes envelopes is match,.
No oth~er staioner is tite cotuntry Fan tarn ot this
qutaity of wrk and cotuttete titit uty price.
Eisel-,ryoa pay frot,,$.500 o $.50. Let 5otr note
paper reflet por prrsonality.
lirotitiry Statiotery is celbrated foe itststyle aand eax
eiosive drsigno  coilinig is mtore appropriate fora gift.
Nthing souttach appreiatrd. Equtally low prices on finy
engraved card. Seod . statmp for satople took shawiog
latest styirs in p-pe ad lrsigos
BROMLEY, Stationer, 139 Fifth A ve., New York
Trust awl iothler funds hear 4 per cenit.
inlterest, coimpoutnded       semianiiually,
Does BEAD WORK Interest You?
* yone interested is tiis
!,Iitt tiogandi seful torh we
iiiseod. for $2.00, prepaid,
1s containing ther following
iti'ete outfit: L.oott,. as perr
j i ratiosi; package Nedles
,s,,.rte d i.'ckap'es IBeads;
a.12                 'i~    Send f-C ,rillstrated
Hyde Exploring Expedition, It Wet 23d Street, NewYork
A Sentence for Corr~ectiona
I Iow shotild yotu correct the following senteonce,-
Such a delightfully lovely day wpe have never had
for a long timue t?                 R. B. H.
I should correct it thus: "' Such a deiightful day
we have not had for a long time." "' Delightfully
ioveiy'' is tineuphonious, for the reason that both
wvords end in -ly; '" we have never had 1 means one
thing, "'we base not had for a long time "t means
another thing.
The Meanaing of P. p. c.
The other day when I came home from a walk I
found a friend's card with the letters " P. p. c.'
written on it ; I knowv that the call swas a farewell
call, but will you tell me what words the letters
P. p. c. stand for ?             GERTRUDE.
They stand f or the French words Pour 15rendre
coagi, which mean "' To take leave.'
M1r. asod Jr. Used Together
I wish to send a Class Day invitation to Thomas
Watts Smith, Jr. ; is it proper to address the ens-el-
ope to Mr. Thomas Watts Smith, Jr. ? May "'Jr.''
and " Mr.'" be used together ?         JEAN.
The envelope should be addressed to Mr. Thomas
Watts Smith, Jr. " Mr. " does not include "'Jr."
nor does "' Jr."t include '" Mr."
"Sex " asndt1"Gender "
Please explain to me why the Chicago University
girl, in her answer to the question " Should you pre-
fer to he a man or a woman ?" puiblished in THE
LADIiS' HtOME JOU'RNAL for Januiary, used the
wpords " sex"~ and ''gender'' as sloe did.
G. H. D.
She shouild have Uised "'sex"' in both places.
Gender " is nows properly restricted to the nmean-
ing which it has in grammar.
"Potatoes" May be Counted
When potatoes are pouinded and creamed, is it
correct to speak of the substance thus formed as
Ipotatoes" ? I have been taught to call it " pt,.
tato," but I have been recently criticized for sio
doing and told that I should say " potatoes."
M. C.
Potato " is correct. Ask your critic to count
the " potatoes.''
Ass "'Aiiericansism
Is it correct to say "' I am throtugh with my
work'' ?                                P. G.
It is far better to say " I have finished my work "
or " I have done my work." " Be through sith "
is an "'Americanism," as you will probably be told
if you use the expression in England.
"Lots"11ShsousldlMean I"Lots"1
I should like to know if ''lots of apples,'' " lots
of candy," " lots of money,'' and similar expres-
sions, are correct.                  A. B. C.
They are not, unless the " apples," " candy,"
and so forth, are divided into "lots." " Lots "
should mean " lots," and not " a great deal."
Good Cake "Rises"1
Which is correct, "' The cake has begun to rise"
or''"'The cake has begun to raise "? A newspaper
answvered me as follows: "Seeing that cakes' raise'
in the language of cooks and housewives, we shotuld
prefer to say ' the cake has begun to raise' rather
than ' to rise.'''                      A. F.
" The cake has begun to rise " is correct. Cake
may " ' raise ' in the language of cooks," but, in
point of fact, it " rises,''- that is, good cake does; it
is the yeast, or baking-powder, or whatever is used
to make the cake ''rise,'' that does the ''raising."
Raise " is transitive; ''rise''1 is intransitive.
Heard Among the Girls
They Said:
That doesn't chop any ftost for me.
Isn't this a fieifectly elegant day?
The girls in the next room were chattering to
beat the band.
Isn't Mary's hat a pieufect dear?
My brother Jinm can make a corking good Welsh
Sally has just the sweetest patent-leather shots.
I made a beastly fltrnk in class to-day.
1 have a Jimt Dandy gown for Class D~ay.
This sherbet is ierfectly 1oz'elyt.
Mauod's hats are piositively lurid.
We had the ranikest timie imaginable.
Isn't Edith ajieacli'
He is a short man, gray, and all off ono topi.
Rintg off.'
Get a gait ont, or you'll be late.
I tltiik he wvas str-aiglit, hut Mabel says he was
givinig me ca jolly'.
Margaret's singing is sitttply ouft of sight.
Jack wvas azifully dopey last night.
That man is Positively the limtit.
I'm getting along spiffily in Latin.
Perliaps They M1eapt:
That has no w-eight with me.
Isnt this a pierfect day ?
The girls in the next room were chattering like a
ftock of English sia rrooa's.
Isn't Mary's hat charmting?
Mry brother Jim can make a toothtsome (or good)
Welsh rabbit.
Sally has some very firetty patent-leather shoes.
I made a bad failure in class to-day.
I have a fascinating gown for Class Day.
This sherbet is good (or delicious).
Mauid's hats are startling.
We had the dullest time imaginable.
Isn't Edith attractive?
He is a short man, gray, and bal/I.
That is en ought.
ll'ale fast, or you'll be late.
I think he was serious, btut Mabel says he was
Margaret's singing is beyond criticismn.
Jack wvas v'ery dull last night.
That man mzarks the lim,,it of endurance.
I'm making good headway in L~atin.
1Correct Speaking and Writing
By Elizabeth A. Withey
tetions 7 ill be anr~-eredt cc. rj' ,trth tntthfi. jptoke. Itquirers roiuo
gui.' thir roro ttttl.~tc...Ic,iri-,,p,tttin ks ,Tv ishesoanaitsiver-
Z            old inctlos   t a,'.esct tstped ,enveltope.A
Writing the Graduation Essay
THAN I F been asked to give a   scrutinize your sentences, ha~viing
Ifews hints to those girls who in mind, first, the necessity of clear-
h ase essays to write for their ness, and, secondly, the desirability
school graduation.                of effectiveness. L as t 1 y , s e e
The first thing to do is not to whether you can improve any word
write, but to live with your subject or group of swords. As a guide to9
till you knowv it, as Trttilope tells such inmprovement, it may be sporth
u ts he lived with the characters in his swhile to read your essay aloud ; for
novels. If the subject demands that  the ear wtill often detect faulty dic-  l1
reading be doine, read both sides of tion to which the eye is blind.
th  usin     n haveeaemul fr hatim.  yu espeally r of ictin,bewar-
he questionlandrthenle.atyuensemattf"fier itin,"beware
degrees your own thoughts will    sounding phrases that are mere
\    become clear. Wshen they are so   phrases, flowers of rhetoric that
clear that youi can write swithout will not come to fruit; such flowers
halting, write; and write at full speed. Start at  often flourish in the "compositions" of girls.
the beginning, keep a straight course to the end, and The word or the phrase that makes a thotught lips-
stop svhen you get to the end. There is always a  is good; the word or the phrase that calls attent-
real end, where you may stop with good effect; to go  tion to itself rather than to the thought it represent-,
beyond it is usuially to destroy all chance of mak- is not good. D~o not say " The moonlight kisseil
ing an impression that will stay in the minds of  each dancing wavelet," f or the kissing metaphor is
yotir hearers. This final impression should be the  all too common, aind, as the best teacher of English
thing that you hase, from the start, had in view as I ever had once said of it, " too much honey is
your goal. cloying''; do not say ''The sky blushed a rosy
When your essay is written, put it out of your red,'' for the sky has blushed so often in the
sight and out of your thotights for a fews days while writings of the young that it must be ready to,
your mind refreshes itself; then take the essay in  blush for shame; do not say, as I remember a
htand NNith a view- to improving it. Read it through seventeen -year- old friend of mine said, " H-er eyes
rapidly once to see if it means one thing as a svhole; shone with the lambent lustre of twin morniiig
that is. to see if it has unity. Then criticize your  stars,'' for morning stars are pale stars, and white
--paragraphing, asking yourself whiethler each para-  eyes are not pleasing. But say what you have t
graph is a unit, whether each is in its proper place, say in language that is terse and strong ; then yiii
J and wvhethser the connection of paragraph with   mayhloupe that your ideas, rather than empty word,,
paragraph is clear and the transition easy. Next  will be remuembered.
Some Girls' Questions Answered
Kisamey'sMus5ic Binder tttet,5 inttagaittit rt(k.
I Firinly htolds 64 sheet-ttttsic pages. Stro,tt
Iditra tle cttver, flexible enttugh tto rl.
Aniyttne catt use it-simnply rmoistett the gttrinetl
Isttubs, thten utttch I te sheets, and there's yottr
Sentt ttt receiptt ttf 25c.  Mttuey retturnetd if not
Wntie fr ctattlg,,e ,of ,otherpilti,-(I
DRSMFG. CO., 853 Lippincott Building, Philadelphia
..,-,!.'t, -d/tt/!,,tf-ojtta. The Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.
es aifrnia. Washintion, Oregon, C.,Io-
Cheap       Rat        t,l,l(i gootds of intending settiers to
the abtove States. Write f-, rates. Mafp of Califorrti, FRP E.
TUtNS-COlITINENTAL FREIGHT CO, H1325 Dearborn St, Chicago.
1Pate 37
dlon't sell Rad-
cliffe Shoes be-
c. ise their gain is large r
'iI oflhe  shoes. But their
custi illers,  greatest  gain  is  ill
Rt aliffadclfes iaesti t
Inito  ang oJl 1t  sFn
pl-s, th t:;ge sumtey r, moats , r tr
T11v peave  he  l te  Y u  llt brti t tCSd
7'/,, peae ~l frmluitCeiaset, 4Yoi,.
,:It~inr  ...ttey p ir If r syo- f d , i   -
;,d~iTier Fiat. Shelf,,Ihtit
De'.t 21, c'.t i,$10.s
art,,,. Cche ft, d
it, 1.a 40 pi- $0$2.
not~ ~ ~~Bo latCoweavs alrer-
S.ilgadnew umer furntr  itu   re
ifrlngu r
Linn Mukrray  Gr nd. and$7Wk

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