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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

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Page 25

The Ladies' tLinmL'Joil ~~1for Junie 1I() o,,
The Journal's Puzzle Page
Ten things associated with weddings are represented here.  No. I is Bride. Guess what the others are. and tell in not more than twenty-five
words your views on marriage. For your skill in solving the puzzles, and the originality, neatness and general care shown in writing the ar ticle.
we will give
A Check for $235.00 to the Person Sendling a Correct Solutioni, anid, ins the Judgissent of the Editor of
Tihe Jonual, the Best Little Article; a Check for $10.00 for a Correct List ansd the Second Best Article;
a Check for $3.00 for a Correct List and the Third Best Article, anid $1.00 Each for the Next Forty-
Seven (471: 50 Rewards in All, Amsounting to $S7.00.
Inclose nothing in your envelope but the slir. Do niot write article on separate stip. Mail answers so that they will riot reach us
Special W         arning       sooner t han the first date given below. If you violate these conditions your answer wilt be thrown out.
cr? 7,                  1 1        M     -
RCII(I 'These lPositive )irectionis
When you decide what you think each picture
represents write the word or words on the line
after the same number as the picture on the
slip on this page. and use only this slip cut out
of the magazine. Then, below the slip, on the
while margin of the page- use as much of it
as you need -write your 25-word article. Do
not write your article on a separate slip.
Send as many different sets of solutions as
you like, but each must be on a separate slip
cut from THE JOURNAL'S Puzzle page. The
same article of 25 words can be used on each
different slip if you like, or a different article,
as you may see fit.
Mail your letter so that it will reach
Philadelphia not earlier than June 4. and not
later than the imring of June 9.
The correct solution of this month's puzzles
will be published in the August JOURNAL.
Owing to lack of space the little articles can.-
not be published. We cannot undertake to
answer any questions about the puzzles.
Solution of the April Puzzles
Qiiotatitis froin Proverbs andi Psalm11s
I Heap Coats Of fire upon his head.
2 A soft answer turneth away wrath.
3 Put not your trust in princes.
4 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riche.
5 A wise son maketh a glad father.
6The way of transgressors to hard.
7 Riches certainty make themselves wings.
8 Pride goth before destruction.
9 Wisdom is htter than rubies.
1t Hops deferred maketh the heart sick.
First Prize -Maude P. Briggs, Pennsylvania.
SeCond Pize - Helen F. Officer, Colorado.
Third Prize -Mrs. H. Loomis, Iowa.
Other Prizes - Dr. John R. Jones. Michigan: Ella
M. Chain. District of Columbia ; Miss H. G. ArmstronK,
Virginia; Mrs. W. H. Raiford, Alabama: J. L. Rice,
Massachusetts; Mrs. A. B. Cox, North Dakota: Mrs.
Claude Jones, Pennsylvania; Mary Mabel Parrell,
Pennsylvania; James Low Steele. New York; Alice C.
Sheldon. Vermont ; Mrs. Ella R. Andrews, New York:
Emily Smith, Texas; Mrs. W. W. Turner, Tennessee:
Rose E. Lombard, California; Bliss Finley, District of
Columbia; Mena A. Bates, Connecticut : Mrs. Mary
Arnold, Florida; Alice W. MoKenney. Maine; W. B.
Lomas, New York; Olivia M. Do Bois, Michigan; Mrs.
F. E. Seaman. California; Jennie Louise Nichols,
New Hampshire ; Mrs. Lucy C. Dabney, Georgia;
S. W. Featherstone, Dhio; Geraldine M. White. Ohio;
Fannie S. Gephart. Maryland; Mrs. William L. James,
New Jersey; Annie B. Lane, Massachusetts; Charles
T. Moore, Indiana; Mrs. Daisy H. Uhrig. Pennsylvania;
Alice Graves. Kentucky; Mrs. Clara Tarbill, Illinois;
Harriet R. Davis. New York; Sallie MacRae, New
Jersey; Ellis D. Parsons. Missouri : Alta Stockton,
Idaho; Mrs. R. H. Strong. Illinois; Elizabeth Ellison,
Missouri ; Agnes Brown, Wisconsin ; Frances Austin,
Indiana; Clara V. Townsend, Missouri; Mrs. C. A.
White, Indiana; Betty P. Carroll, Kentucky;: Mrs. A.
S. Hatcher. Virginia; Martha Ross, Georgia; M. M.
Washburn, Illinois; Frank S. Perry, Pennsylvania.
Page 25
Use No Othier Slip Thsats This
Put one guess on each line and say no more.
Write the 25-word article on the margin below.
Then cut this slip out and mail it to
P.O0. Box 1401
No.  I ...............  ...
No. 2 ..........
No. 3.......
No.  4 ..-...................
No. 5 ...........
No. 6.......
No. 7 ..........
No. 8 .. .........
No. 9 .........
No. t........
Give full name and address here.
Name........  .
K  ~     .All
aff   on
f lu~tu tes
with hi , ppetite.
To    P
his he r Iar
ser e im
Suga ~afers.
Poems f r the
palate e tranc-
ing th   ste as
an 01- talian
love-s ng.Y"d oe s
the ea Deli-
cate in their
sweethe s, be-
Witchi  in their
subtle 4ors of
cherr.   range,
chocola s raw-
berry raspberry
or mini> Serve
with ny ever-
age or   sert.

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